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Ben goes to prison to speak to someone who had problems with Cornell in the past, but is horrified to learn that it's her daughter. Cornell is less than impressed and makes it her mission to destroy Ben, but he is always one step ahead of her and even manages to identify the leak in the department.

The Crawfords go to Christy's brothers house and Ben finds himself having to dispose of the flashlight, but Christy knows that he is up to something and confronts him. He isn't pleased and the two argue again.

Cornell makes it look like Ben has been arrested and takes him to the scene of were he hid the murder weapon, but no one finds it.

He is stopped by a police officer who threatens him to stop pursuing Cornell.

Christy and Ben reach breaking point and Ben tells her to leave, but Abby takes this badly and takes a tantrum in full view of the neighbors.

Dave tries to calm Ben down, but he's too late.

Cornell visits Ben with video proof that he visited Jess Murphy the night that Tom died. Ben continues to imply that he doesn't know that happened that night.

Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

What do I do if you go away?


Christy: Where were you?
Ben: I had to take a leak.