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Ben wakes up and Christy is looking at him. She kisses him and they get intimate, until she pulls away says that she can't do it. Ben goes downstairs after her, but the kids are up. He sneakily asks her what it was all about and she replies that it was sex.

Ben is driving Abby, but notices Matty is alone and running away from home. When Ben gets out the car, Matty runs towards the woods and drops a blue and bloody jacket, before running to the water. Ben tries to help him and takes him home. He is suspicious when Lisa is cut.

Ben goes back to the woods to find the jacket and it's gone. He finds Matty's brother, Tyler who is supposed to be away at school. He is smoking and requests that Ben keep it between them.

Ben confides in Dave who informs him that Tyler was in rehab.

Christy is off to meet clients, but she leaves her wedding ring in the house and Ben is suspicious of her.

Someone has written "Guilty" on Christy's car. Ben is furious and Cornell is rude and just implies that Ben did it.

Christy takes the car to the garage to get it fixed.

Ben finds a trail of blood leading to his garage and is horrified to find a batch of flashlights inside.  Cornell informs him that this is a threat because the public don't know that the murder weapon was a flashlight.

Ben continues to investigate Lisa\s sons, but she tries to claim that Tyler isn't in town. Ben knows this is lies and pushes his way into her house and finds out that Matty has been acting strangely because the structure in his life has been messed up with reporters.

The reason Lisa was hiding Tyler is that he done something and is in hot water with the police.

Natalie's ex Cooper is revealed to be the one who wrote on the car. He tries to make it up with Natalie, who claims she does not want to see him again.

Ben goes to Christy's work and sees her with a client. She comes out and Ben confronts her. She tells him that when she thinks of what he did with Jess, she wants to kill him, but then she remembers a five year old died.

When he is leaving, Ben receives a text saying "You'll pay for your sins". His car then locks up and the lights in the car park cut off and turn to black.

Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Ben: Okay, what was that this morning?
Christy: Sex.
Ben: That's not what that was.

Matty's a collector. He doesn't have a blue jacket, but if he took yours, then im sorry.