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Ben continues to speak to Jess and even invites her to see the fireworks, but Abby is not amused when she gets to spend the day with her father and realizes Jess will also be there.

Abby is horrified when she breaks her phone and Ben talks her down. Jess and Ben sleep together and Jess comments that they should have another baby.

Alarmed, he looks through her belongings and finds drugs that she hasn't been taking. After some extensive research, he thinks she could have killed Tom and he goes back to the house and finds the ashes of Jane, another child of Jess, who died.

Jess goes crazy and chases him out of the house, throwing scissors and a vase at him.

Cornell is adamant that Ben is not the killer and tries to push through the testing of new evidence to find out the truth. She tries to bully Christy into getting answers from her, but her new boyfriend gets shy and leaves the dinner.

Christy serves Ben with divorce papers and proceeds to make his life hell again, but when Abby goes missing, the two of them find common ground. Jess laughs when she realizes Abby is missing. Does she know something?

Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I know how this works. I trash Christy tonight and you get back with her tomorrow.


The killer was female.