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Ben is upset and goes to see the girls, but Christy will not allow him to see them and says some hurtful things, unaware she is being listened to by her daughters.

Christy is hiding something. She gave Ben's lawyer $25,000 to take him on as a client. Ben finds a safe in the house with all of the money included.

Dave reveals that he drugged Ben to help him calm down, but when the events of the night Tom died are revealed, Ben realizes that he didn't have any part to play in Tom's death.

Dave was the one who stole the flashlight for Ben last week in order to save him, but Ben realizes quickly that he has an ulterior motive and wants the truth.

Dave tries best to fill in the blanks of the night. When he went to the house, he saw Tom while his mother was asleep. They speak about the tooth fairy and Ben leaves money in place of the tooth.

Cornell is very understanding of the situation and lets Ben know that it doesn't rule him out yet. Christy aborted a baby six years ago, but we don't know if Ben is really the dad.

Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ben: How are you doing?
Jess: Just trying to get through today.

We haven't opened our presents yet. We're waiting for you.