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Eric discovers Danny at Liam's apartment. Liam is still missing.

Eric eventually learns that Liam, Kate's assistant, wasn't who he said he was. He lied about everything on his application. Kate found out but let him work with her anyway.

Eric suspects that Liam was Kate's son. Liam was also stealing money from investors.

Some of the investors have to pull out from the firm because of Eric being a suspect in Kate's death.

Eric finds out that Kate was meeting with her ex and a hotel. He suspects that she was cheating on him. He finds out later that she was only meeting with him to arrange some security so that she can investigate Liam and his activities at the firm. 

Cornell meets with Eric's ex girlfriend. She had previously accused Eric of abusing her, but later they find out that she accused her last boyfriend of the same thing, had a history of lying about that sort of thing. Eric had a restraining order out against her.

More background is given on what happened to Eric's mother. She was drinking and driving and ended up in a horrible accident. She has been a coma since they were little kids.

John hands over some of Eric's responsibilities at the firm to Neal, much to Eric's dismay. Eric wants to tell Cornell the truth about Liam and the fraud at the firm, but John won't let him.

Eric tracks down the girl who picked up Liam the night of Kate's death. Danny is there, ready to do whatever it takes to get the girl to talk.

Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Eric: Wait, how did you get that photo?
Danny: Your wife sent it to me right before she died.

Dumb and brave. I like you Eric.