A Startling Discover - Secrets and Lies
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Eric meets Belinda and Mark Peterson. He finds out that Belind was trying to keep Kate away from her son. Charlie, Kate's biological son, wanted to meet his mother. His father agreed. Mark Peterson was covering for his wife because he thought she may have been responsible for Kate's death. 

Cornell's ex-husband visits her at the station because it's the anniversary of when she lost her former partner. She and her partner were going to do a drug bust when her partner was shot. Despite the case being open for two years, there were no suspects or progress made. Cornell's husband, the Psychologist, checks in on her well being and she breaks down.

Cornell also comes face to face with her daughter.

Eric finds out that his sister and her husband are getting a divorce because they disagree on having kids. Amanda has fertility issues, and her husband wanted her to consider adoption but she refused. 

Eric has a run in with Melanie, and she threatens to hurt him if he continues to hurt Patrick. Eric finds out that Melanie slept with Neil and also that she was responsible for tampering with the video footage the night of Kate's murder.

Cornell urges Eric to stay out of the investigation and let her do her job, but he says he refuses. 

Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Server: Is there anything else? My shift starts in an hour.
Cornell: Please go.

I want kids. He doesn't. How do I fix that?