Sibeth - See Season 3 Episode 8
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In the tunnels, Baba's family debates going after him. Tamacti advises against it. Baba and Ranger arrive at the camp and launch a silent attack.

Tomarda and Sibeth consummate their marriage.

Baba's family and the rest of the city decide to soldier on. In the meantime, Baba and Ranger continue with their attack.

Sibeth and Tomarda realize that the city has been evacuated and everyone's underground. They start launching bombs in succession.

The constant explosions above ground affect the tunnels' structural integrity and collapse, burying Kofun under and nearly killing him. With not many options left, they decide to go above ground and fight.

Sibeth discovers that Baba has infiltrated the camp. For the second time in as many days, Baba meets his match.

Maghra surrenders. She appeals to the inner child in Sibeth, reminding her of days past when they were younger. Sibeth lets her guard down, overcome by emotion. Maghra pulls the key that Sibeth hides in her hand and stabs her on the neck with it, effectively killing her.

The Payans launch their attack.

Baba heads for the bombs while covered by Haniwa's arrows. Kofun and Ranger go after soldiers with swords while Maghra uses her blade. The allied forces continued launching bombs toward Pennsa, killing Payans and destroying houses.

Ranger sets his sights on Tomarda, blowing him up using his own hand grenade.

Baba combs through the soldiers and climbs on the wagon carrying the bombs. He hits one bomb with a huge hammer detonating it and effectively blowing them and himself up.

The war ends.

Payans start rebuilding Pennsa. Baba's family misses him. Haniwa and Wren get married. Kofun sets his resolve on raising his son. Haniwa and Charlotte reunite and promise to keep in touch.

The Bank refuses to sign a peace treaty with Paya because of those with sight being harbored in Paya. Due to their disagreement about sight, Haniwa and Wren leave Pennsa while Kofun stays. Kofun, the heir to the throne, decides to connect with his people deeper. He gives up his sight.

Haniwa and Wren find a sanctuary for sighted people where they have a library and are rediscovering the old knowledge.

They are welcomed with open arms.

The episode and the series end.

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See Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Tormada: My queen!
Sibeth: You called for me.
Tormada: Tell her what you hear.
Soldier: Nothing.
Sibeth: Nothing?
Soldier: No voices. No tools. No sizzle of pans or fires in the pits. No babies crying. Just the muffled sounds of many feet.

Your children feel your absence every bit as much as I do. But their futures, the ones you gave your life to ensure, stretch out before them with infinite promise.