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Henry and Eliza get an introduction to their new assignment at work involving coworker connectivity. 

Eliza gets a bad rating from one of her coworkers and tries to remedy the situation.

In a flashback it is revealed that Eliza stole her coworkers lunch. 

Her assignment then becomes to fix her relationship with her coworker, Joan. 

Eliza decides to use social media to get to know Joan, but cannot find anything on her. 

Charmonique finds out that Joan is a avid reviewer on Yelp.

Henry has to hang out with his coworker after he is broken up with by his wife. 

Eliza attends the same class as Joan in order to get close to her. Eliza finds ways to bond with Joan by reading all of her reviews. 

Henry is asked by his boss to be there for his coworker. Henry then gives his coworker a place to stay and gets caught up in his coworkers obsession with his wife. 

Eliza is invited over to Joan's house for dinner, but it becomes awkward after Joan figures out that Eliza has stalked her on Yelp.

Henry gets caught talking bad about his coworker. 

After failing to bond with their coworkers, Henry and Eliza decide to have lunch with each other instead of eating alone. 




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Selfie Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Of course there is a prenup! There is a billion dollars on the elevator!


Joan: That pizza is topped with lies.
Eliza: But not oregano!