Help With the Ladies - Selfie
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The episode starts, as usual, with Henry berating Eliza for being obsessed with social media. 

Eliza realizes that she needs to help Henry with the ladies. Eliza teams up with Charmonique to get Henry a date with a barista. 

Eliza and Charmonique watch as Henry fails to understand that the barista is hitting on him. 

Eliza secretly creates a dating profile for Henry, but is struggling to get information and a photo of Henry. 

Saperstein gets in a fight with his wife after he is mean to their son-in-law. Saperstein then gets involved with Eliza and Charmonique on trying to help Henry find a lady. 

Eliza goes over to Henry's house and attempts to teach him about how to interact with women. Henry thinks that Eliza is interested in him, while Eliza reacts strangely to touching Henry. 

Saperstein tries to get close to his father-in-law, but finds it difficult to spend time with him. Saperstein figures out that Terrance belongs in customer service. 

Eliza and Charmonique bring Henry to the meet-up style event that have planned for him. However, Henry is insulted by what he sees and berates Eliza and Charmonique. 

At the end of the episode Henry meets a woman who is very similar to him and the two leave in a taxi together, while Charmonique follows behind them to block. 

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Selfie Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

It is taking every ounce of self control I have not to block this, it is like I want people to be happy, but on the other hand I don't.


Its not that I am at all ungrateful for being the alternate office floater.