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Eliza is trying to figure out what to do on her weekend. Henry suggests that she spend her weekend helping others. Eliza challenges Henry to spend is weekend doing nothing but enjoying it. 

Henry is distressed when he finds out that one of his products is going to be discontinued. 

Eliza helps Charmonique get ready for high school reunion, so that Charmonique can reconnect with her high sweetheart. 

Charmonique's babysitter cancels on her and she asks Eliza to babysit for her. 

Eliza has o figure out a way to continue her competition with her best friend to maintain her social media crown. 

Henry does not know how to have fun on his weekend. He sees Eliza's photos on Instagram and assume that she has taken Kevin to a club. 

Charmonique meets her sweetheart to discover that he has become priest. 

Eliza struggles to put Kevin to bed, as she has never put a child to bed before. 

Charmonique realizes that she is proud of being a mother and proud of herself, and ends up having fun at her high school reunion. 

Henry finds inspiration from Kevin to save the company's vitamin line, he calls it vita-nuggets. 


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Selfie Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Did you tell her she can vomit here?


Grilled chicken could be fun.