Leanne's Plan - Servant
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Leanne wakes up in the Turner house and Dorothy tells her to eat something because the sedative she put in the pizza will upset her stomach.

Leanne tells her that Jericho is happy with people who will love him and that she doesn't know where they are.

Every night at 02:00, Dorothy wakes up and brutally attacks Leanne.

Sean comforts Leanne throughout the day when Dorothy is at work and they gradually get closer to each other.

Sean's taste and smell returns, but one night, he wakes up to his hand burning and finds that Dorothy has attacked Leanne and buried her alive in the basement.

Sean screams that it's too much and he brings her out of the ditch, but Dorothy doesn't seem upset about it.

Julian revealed that Sean was praying with the uncle in the basement on the day of the christening and Dorothy starts to worry that her husband is too easily manipulated for her to be able to work things out with him.

We're left wondering what will happen after all of the insanity, but the show did take things a bit too far here.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

My wife is not a bad person. She thinks what she's doing is right.


My body seems to be remembering something my mind forgot.