Mark & Helly - Severance Season 1 Episode 8
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Outie Irving reads on a bench outside, then walks his dog.

Back at his apartment, Irving drinks coffee. He sits down with a fresh canvas and creates another painting like many he has painted before -- a red dot at the center of a black void, with black paint like ooze.

Mark, Dylan, Irving, and Helly arrive at work.

Helly works diligently at her computer. Mark asks if she thinks she’ll make it. Helly is confident that she will.

Mark, Dylan, and Irving convene in the lunchroom, wondering if Helly will make it. Irving suggests standing behind her and chanting her name. Mark assures them Helly will make it.

Milchick and Cobel watch from their office. Milchick says it will be close, and Cobel says they should prepare for when she does complete it. Cobel also asks Milchick to schedule an end-of-quarter wellness session for Mark.

Helly gets the last of the numbers. Joyful music plays from her computer. Mark, Irving, and Dylan rush over to her and watch the animation on her screen -- a flight over mountains and clouds, leading to (an animated) Kier Eagan standing on a mountaintop.

Helly’s ‘100%’ turns into birds, and they fly away. Kier offers his thanks and love for Helly’s work and flies away.

Mark and Ms. Cobel laugh together in Ms. Cobel’s office. Ms. Cobel asks Mark who he would like to stay for the waffle party. Mark suggests Dylan. Ms. Cobel reminds him that it could be anyone, even himself. Mark says Dylan worked hard and deserves it.

Ms. Cobel tells Mark that he will get an end-of-quarter wellness session, as she is giving one to all the department heads. Ms. Cobel thanks him again.

Ms. Casey invites Mark in for his wellness session. Inside the room, he notices the tree is gone, and everything is in boxes. Ms. Casey tells him she’ll be retiring at the end of the session, and she was only informed just before their session began.

Ms. Casey dims the lights, turns on the calming music, and informs MArk he is getting a special “augmented” wellness session. Mark apologizes, saying he didn’t think she would get fired.

Ms. Casey reads pleasant attributes about Mark’s Outie. Mark offers to talk to somebody. Ms. Casey mentions that her favorite time was visiting MDR -- it was the longest she’d been “awake.”

Ms. Cobel watches over the security camera.

Ms. Casey asks why she cares about him. Mark insists they’re people. Ms. Casey remarks on how nice he is and continues listing his positive attributes.

As Ms. Cobel turns off the volume, Milchick notes that it’s a good thing Mark and Ms. Casey don’t remember each other. Cobel asks Milchick to take Ms. Casey down to the testing floor.

Milchick leads Ms. Casey to a hallway. He opens a door for her, which leads down a dark hallway. She walks part of the way down, then turns around and asks Milchick if her Outie is happy. He assures her that she does many wonderful things.

In tears, Ms. Casey heads down the hallway. She turns back around, but he urges her to keep going, saying he has much to do. At the other end, she gets in an elevator with a red light -- a scene very similar to Irving’s paintings.

Mark returns to his office, saying he got a wellness check and Dylan is set for the waffle party. Dylan asks about Ms. Casey. Mark says they fired her. Helly asks if there is some way to help her.

Marks asks if they are sure they want to do this. Milchick shows up with the pre-waffle party egg bar social for everyone to enjoy before Dylan goes on his solo waffle party. Milchick presents Dylan with his special gift in a little black box.

With some reluctance, Dylan shows his team the gift, which seems to touch them all.

Music plays, and the lights turn pastel-colored. Helly and Dylan enjoy the egg bar. Irving and Mark stand together. Milchick snaps photos.

Helly tells Dylan she should be the one to stay behind. Dylan assures her that this is just the first step. Helly turns and looks at Mark. He smiles at her, and she smiles back.

Ms. Cobel returns to her office to find Natalie there. Natalie has photos of Helly’s suicide attempt, which Ms. Cobel confirms. Natalie asks why Ms. Cobel did not inform the board. Ms. Cobel asks if Milchick gave her the photos.

Ms. Cobel asks if she’s speaking with the board. Natalie tells her they also know she’s been spending time at Devon’s house. Ms. Cobel remains silent. Natalie informs Ms. Cobel that she is fired, effective immediately.

Ms. Cobel tells Natale to fuck off, asking if the board is even there. After a moment, a voice on the intercom says, “Yes.” Ms. Cobel offers to explain everything to the board tonight. Natalie tells her the board has concluded the call and leaves.

In the office, Irving goes to the handbook tomes underneath the portrait of Kier. He reads a passage about having no higher love than work. He puts a devilled egg in it and slams the book shut.

Mark and Helly sit in the lunchroom. Helly asks if he’s scared. He says he is afraid of getting caught. She assures him that management won’t see this coming.

Mark says he hopes he has things he cares about. Helly tells him that he pretended to care about her pretty well, and he says it was easy.

Milchick bursts in, switching the lights back to normal, and says he has to see about a management issue. He says he’ll be back shortly to escort Dylan to his waffle party.

Milchick escorts Ms. Cobel to the staircase exit. He asks for her keycard and gives her her box of belongings. Stunned, she exits.

In the supply closet, Mark and Helly remind Dylan of his tasks while Irving keeps a lookout. They give Dylan the keycard and instructions.

Mark reminds all of them to be ready as they go up the elevator, as they could be doing anything when they wake up. He says they should each try to find someone they can trust and tell that person everything.

Mark pulls out Ricken’s book, telling them he kept it. He reads a passage about freedom. Dylan has read it, too.

Irving heads up the elevator first.

Mark and Helly joke that they may be about to meet their spouses, or maybe they are married to each other.

Helly goes up next. She stops the doors from closing and kisses Mark goodbye in case they don’t come back -- or in case they do. After this, she goes up.

Mark looks around the Lumon office, then heads into the elevator.

In the bathroom, Dylan studies the instructions on entering the Overtime Contingency. Milchick comes in and calls him for his waffle party.

Mark leaves, seeing a carpet being rolled out for the gala.

Milchick takes Dylan to the Perpetuity Wing. Dylan heads into the Kier Eagan replica house, where he finds a plate of waffles and a glass of milk on a beautifully set table. He pours syrup on his waffles and begins to eat.

Ms. Cobel drives, weeping, laughing, and furiously ranting about Natalie.

Dylan finishes his waffles. The bottom of his plate reads, “Go now to the founder’s bed.”

Dylan drinks his milk, picks up his box, puts on the Kier mask, and sits on the bed. People in sexy undergarments and terrifying masks -- a jester, a bride, a ram, an old woman -- emerge and dance suggestively for him.

Ms. Cobel returns home and tears down her Lumon paraphernalia, screaming and crying.

The dancers stop, realizing the bed is empty, the Kier mask discarded.

Dylan, with his box, walks down the hallway.

Ms. Cobel continues to sob when she hears the doorbell. She answers the door, and it’s Mark, inviting her to Devon’s for Ricken’s book reading party. She says she’s not feeling well.

As Mark leaves, Ms. Cobel considers it and decides to come, but she’ll drive her own car, so she can leave if she needs to do.

Outie Irving gets home with groceries, pets his dog, and drinks coffee.

Mark arrives at Devon and Ricken’s party. Ricken welcomes him, asking him if he has his copy of the book, and Mark replies he has forgotten it. Devon joins them, wearing Eleanor. Ricken offers to ask Rebeck if she will share her copy with Mark.

Mark tells Devon she’s doing great as a wife and mother and asks if she has time to chat later, as he is pondering a big life change. Devon gives him a hug.

Mrs. Selvig appears, and Devon hugs her, too.

Dylan heads down the hallway with his box. Using Mr. Graner’s keycard, he enters the security office.

Irving continues to work on his canvases.

Mrs. Selvig pulls Mark aside, apologizing for being so terse, as she had a bad day at “the shop.”

Dylan uses his belt to “bolt” the door shut from the inside. He sits down at the computer and sets down his glass cube with the image of himself and the other three members of the MDR team.

Dylan reviews the instructions and gets to work. He pulls up Helly, Mark, and Irving’s files.

Irving continues to paint while listening to rock music.

The clock gives Dylan twenty seconds to find Irving, Helly, and Mark’s names on the wall, and he does.

Mrs. Selvig asks about Mark’s life change. He tells her he is thinking of quitting Lumon.

Dylan highlights “OVERTIME.”

Mark explains that he feels like he doesn’t need severance anymore. Mrs. Selvig hugs him.

Dylan starts the procedure and searches for the two override switches.

Mrs. Selvig tells him to do it, to get away from Lumon.

We get a glimpse of Helly drinking champagne at a party. Irving continues to paint.

Dylan pulls the two switches.

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Do you know if I’m happy up there?

Ms. Casey

These are our lives. No one gets to just turn you off.