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On this episode of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll...

Johnny Rock's fake death helps propel sales of the Heathens' music in Belgium.

The band is paid for a concert in Belgium.

The band members ask for outrageous items backstage including a snake and expensive alcohol.

Flash tries to get Gigi to cut Johnny out.

Johnny freaks out on stage because the pills that Rehab got make him hallucinate.

Gigi takes over and completes the concert.

Ira and Flash try to cut Johnny out, but Gigi tells them that they all are apart of her group, Gigi and the Assasians.

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Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Flash: We're never doing another gig with you as our lead singer.
Ira: They're offering us a 175 grand.
Flash: We're doing one more gig with you as our lead singer.

This band is so dysfunctional it makes Metallica look like the goddamn Jonas Brothers.