New School Year
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Jean is on the radio talking about her book, which many are calling depraved.

Maeve and Isaac are talking and Maeve thinks people are being prudes.

She leaves and Joe wonders why Isaac is not telling her about his feelings.

Otis and Eric cycle to school and are shocked when Adam arrives on his bike, jumping off a hill.

The students arrive at school and Otis and Maeve are avoiding each other.

Everyone is shocked that the new headteacher, Hope, is a lot of fun.

Hope says she attended the school and she wants to get it back in the right direction.

She wins over the students with a promise that she will right their futures if they put the work in.

Hope calls Otis and Maeve to her office.

Jean is still heavily pregnant but hasn't told Jakob, so she keeps driving by his workplaces and not telling him the truth.

Adam is re-enrolling at the school.

Maeve and Otis arrive at the office and say they won't be giving sex advice again.

She notes that they are entrepreneurial.

Hope wants them to keep her in the loop of any further business endeavors in the future.

Hope says that she's looking forward to reading Jean's book.

Otis and Maeve leave the meeting and have an awkward chat.

Otis wants to know why they aren't friends anymore.

Ruby and Otis meet to have sex in the bathroom.

Kyle is in there, giving sex advice, and they hear him.

Otis goes after him and threatens to tell the school about his side hustle.

Kyle says he'll tell the school about him and Ruby.

Eric is shocked to here that Kyle is selling sex tips.

Eric doesn't believe Otis is hooking up with Ruby.

Eric figures out they did have sex based on the hickies on both of their necks.

In the past, we learn that Otis and Ruby have sex at a party.

Mr. Groff returns to his brother's house and there's immediate drama when the brother asks how his interview went.

He says he got the job.

Jean asks Otis to go to the scan with her. He says she had better tell Jakob about the pregnancy.

Ola tries to get through to Adam, telling him that he should not conform to what he thinks a man could be.

They punch pillows.

Dex is worried about pleasing his girlfriend and the Sex King messes up everything.

Maeve gives some advice about using his fingers and tongue.

Dex thanks them and drops the bomb in front of Maeve that Otis is having sex with Ruby.

Jakob catches Jean watching him and asks about the bump.

He's upset she kept it from him.

Jean says the longer she waited, the harder it got for her.

Jakob has no clue what he wants to do, but Jean is saying he only needs to be involved if he feels it's something he would like.


Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Boy: They're not still going on about Sex School, are they?
Maeve: Mm. It's as if no one in this town's had sex before.

Host: She wrote this book in response to working on campus at Moordale Secondary, which got some pretty bad press recently following a chlamydia outbreak, and the performance of a so-called Sex Musical. So, Dr. Milburn, tell us about the book.
Jean: Well, I was shocked at the ineptitude of the SRE curriculum in schools, and so I created this easy to read manual to help empower our teenagers, and their parents, as they become sexually active young adults.
Host: Sounds a bit racy.
Jean: Well, if by racy, you mean highly researched and completely essential to the health and wellbeing of our children, then, yes, I suppose it is.