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Woz brings home the stray dog and asks that his wife take it to the vet for an exam. 

Donny has an Internal Affairs surveillance team on Woz’s team, trying to find the mole. Tufo spots it and Harlee thinks it’s Stahl’s and tells him about it.  Stahl pays Donny a visit to get the surveillance taken off. 

It’s warrant day and Woz’s team confiscates $500,000 worth of heroin. When they realize it belongs to Raoul Mendez, Tess suggests giving him a brick or two back in good faith. Woz thinks she may be the mole and that this is a set up so he tells Raoul he can’t have any of it back, infuriating Raoul. 

Raoul vandalizes one of the businesses that pays Woz for protection. Then he steal Woz’s car, paints it pink and plants gay porn magazines in the back seat. Woz makes a joke of it with the guys but he’s furious. 

Woz makes a deal with a rival gang to take over Raoul’s territory if they follow his rules and help him take Raoul out. Then he picks up Raoul and has him at a secret location, handcuffed to a chair. Turns out Raoul knows that Woz has sex with men. Instead of killing Raoul, Woz forces him to have oral sex with another man and has it recorded. If Raoul doesn’t relocate to Philadelphia, Woz will release the video. 

Woz tails Tess who goes to a sleazy motel where she meets Carlos, her partner. Woz interrupts them having sex and tells them to quit it. Then Tess tells him about her husband cheating on her and he realizes she isn’t the mole. Carlos is upset when Tess breaks things off. 

When Woz has Donny show him the internal affairs surveillance, he realizes that Tufo and Saperstein weren’t together when they said they were and suspects one of them of being the mole. 

Stahl calls Harlee on her cell and tells her to get back to the precinct before she misses anything. She wonders how he knows that she’s not at the precinct and suspects he has surveillance inside her apartment. She goes to his boss but Gail won’t do anything without proof. 

Harlee springs Caddie, her former training officer, now a junkie, out of jail and has him set up secret cameras in Stahl’s apartment. He finds stacks of photos of Harlee. Later, Harlee watches video of Stahl getting ready for a date. She turns off the video. Turns out he’s seeing an escort. When he asks her name, she says it can be anything he wants it to be. He chooses Harlee. 

Manny Puentes gets picked up driving Cristina’s car. Harlee thinks he stole it but it turns out he’s Cristina’s boyfriend. Harlee is upset because Cristina hasn’t said a word about having a boyfriend but Manny’s phone is full of pictures of them together, kissing.  Nava helps pull Harlee back from either assaulting Manny or charging him with stealing the car. She lets him go but tells him not to say a word about any of this to Cristina. Later, Harlee gets a letter from a prison. It’s from Zepeda. Apparently he sends regular letters to Cristina but Harlee has been hiding them from her for years. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Stahl: Harlee, I don't only call to harass you.
Harlee: No, sometimes you call to threaten me.

Harlee: It didn't occur to you to approach calmly and request ID?
Tufo: It occurred to me to beat his ass.