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Carlos and Tufo take Tess. To Dr. Isaiah but Joaquin’s wounds are too serious and he dies on the way to the hospital. Tufo and Carlos bury him. 

Harlee thinks that Loman will cover for the team and he does. Loman says the perpetrators were all wearing masks but Stahl doesn’t trust him. Stahl puts Loman in cuffs and hauls him down to FBI headquarters to be interrogated. 

Stahl checks out Loman’s story about the murder investigation and talks to the waitress at the club. She identifies Joaquin as the man the police suspected in the murder. She also says she recognizes a picture of Donnie. Stahl says that Joaquin happens to be Donnie’s nephew. The waitress says she hopes not since she caught them blowing one another once. 

Wozniak and Harlee’s car gets hit and while they are unconscious someone steals the stolen money from the heist. Woz thinks Donnie is to blame. Linkletter is furious. He wants his money back and if he doesn’t get it he has photos of Wozniak and Harlee when they picked up the car with Keith Colby in the trunk. 

Linda calls to say that a dark car keeps passing outside their home. Wozniak tells her to pick up Cristina and head to a motel and make sure they aren’t followed. Cristina is upset and later calls Miguel. 

Harlee and Wozniak split up and Harlee goes to FBI headquarters to Baker and Stahl. Baker and Stahl tell her that her immunity deal may not hold. They think they have Linkletter but the man they’ve brought in isn’t Linkletter. Harlee convinces them to put her back in play to find him and the money.

Before Joaquin died, Wozniak questioned him at knifepoint and found out that Donnie wanted to buy the club and another building. Turns out that Donnie set up the drunken veteran to take the fall for the murder after the club owner killed his old neighbor to make sure his building would sell. Then Donnie ordered Joaquin to kill the club owner in order to cover their tracks. 

After Loman is released by the FBI he goes back to the scene of the heist and we see a flashback of when he walked up on it. Harlee told him that Donnie found out that she lied to protect him about the shooting and threatened to turn them both in if she and her team didn’t pull off this heist for him. Back in present time, Loman calls the Captain’s office. 

Harlee leaves a video message for Cristina. Wozniak goes to confession and talks about his 19 year old daughter who killed herself right after they had a fight. He meant to tell her that she was wasting her potential but instead he told her she was wasting space. Wozniak has a revelation and tells his priest that he can’t make a full confession yet because there are more people he has to hurt.

Harlee meets with her old training officer at a secret location. The two of them are the ones who stole the $12 million. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You know that's the first time I've ever actually believed you Harlee. Funny how your mouth wasn't moving.


Reciprocity has its limits.