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Harlee tells the team she was picked up after the heist and that she made a deal to take down Bianchi in order to procure immunity for the entire team. Tufo and Carlos are so upset that they call out of work and avoid Wozniak’s calls. Later, Espada asks for a transfer, while Tufo takes a leave of absence to decide if he still wants to be a cop. Woz is crushed.

Tufo’s brother, Wallace is released from prison.

Despite Woz wanting her to go to her sister’s upstate, Linda insists on coming back home because it’s the only place where she feels safe, although Woz will be sleeping on the couch now that she’s returned. She also tells Woz about the strange man who accosted her at the bookstore and told her the weather was going to turn brutal. 

Harlee wants to try to get Vincent Rossi to turn on Bianchi. Woz tries, but when Rossi’s attorney shows up, he makes it sound as though Rossi has made a deal to talk in the hopes that it will get back to Bianchi. 

Harlee goes to Stahl to ask for more intel on Bianchi so they can make it seem as though Rossi gave them info. At first he’s unwilling, but eventually he tells her where to find Bianchi’s illegal, high-tech gambling operation. Woz, Harlee, and Tess bust up the place to deliver a message to Bianchi. 

Julia tries to get Harlee to give her the name of the FBI agent after Bianchi but Harlee refuses. Instead they decide to trade Rossi for an end to the war. Bianchi agrees and when has Rossi killed. 

Stahl delivers more drugs to Cady to get more intel on Harlee.  

Stahl wants Harlee to wear a wire on Julia, when she refuses, he infers that he knows that Miguel is buried in Saperstein’s grave. Harlee visit Julia at a television studio before an appearance. As Julia walks out on stage, someone opens fire. 





Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Wozniak: I don't know if I love you or if I hate you for what you just did.
Harlee: You and me both.
Wozniak: It was a hell of a gesture, but it doesn't absolve either of us.
Harlee: It wasn't about absolution. It was just about acknowledging what I did. They deserve to know the truth.
Wozniak: But it's not the whole truth. The FBI turned you before the heist.
Harlee: The whole truth would have broken us apart and I won't let that happen.

What binds us together is stronger than blood.