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Two drug dealers under Wozniak’s protection are gunned down on the street. It’s a message from Quince, that a war is coming their way. Wozniak and the team take down Quince’s stash houses to take away his power. 

Bianchi gets the judge in his case changed, and gets out on $2 million bail. In the men’s bathroom, Bianchi runs into Nava and admits he killed Caroline. Bianchi continues to bait Nava by telling him he can take care of Harlee too. Nava snaps and pushes him. Bianchi falls backwards, and hits his head on the sink on the way down. 

Harlee runs in and sees Bianchi bleeding on the floor, unable to move or speak. She tells Nava she won’t let Bianchi destroy him too. She breaks a mirror, slashes Nava’s arm with the glass and places it in Bianchi’s hand. Then she uses his handkerchief to smother him. Before she leaves, she tells Nava to say Bianchi attacked him and he was defending himself. 

Nava is shaken and he realizes that he’s never known who Harlee really was, but he goes along with her story. Later, Harlee admits to Nava that she killed Miguel. 

Later, Verco tells Harlee that if Nava’s story is true, there will be fibers from Nava’s clothes on Bianchi’s body. Harlee sneaks into the morgue and plants fibers.  

There are four encrypted thumb drives in Bianchi’s box that Wozniak can’t open. Woz asks Nate if he has connections that can help him decrypt them. He does. Both Nate and Woz then overhear a conversation between Bianchi and Julia. Julia knew that Bianchi was going to attack Wozniak at his home and she did nothing to stop it. 

Wozniak goes to Harlee to tell her about Julia. He also tells her where he buried Miguel’s body. Little do either of them know that Stahl has bugged her apartment and is listening to the entire conversation. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Wozniak: I don't like the idea of him being out and about. I mean, things could go south fast.
Harlee: He already shot Nate and kidnapped Cristina, I don't know how much further south it can go.

Justice, it comes to us all in the end. The tricky part is keeping it to those who deserve it.