Woz Learns of a Betrayal - Shades of Blue
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Wozniak couldn’t burn Miguel because the gas was turned off at the crematorium. Stahl finds the remains of Miguel in a barrel in the abandoned campsite Wozniak mentioned to Harlee and anonymously calls it in. Miguel is identified because he had an orthopedic screw in his leg with a serial number. Stahl sends a packet of information to Verco with evidence pointing to Harlee for Miguel’s murder. 

Verco places Harlee and Wozniak in separate interrogation rooms and tries to get them to turn on one another using the information from the file, but after several hours, neither of them will.  However, Harlee and Wozniak realize that Stahl must have listening devices in her apartment. 

Wozniak confronts Julia with the recording of her and Bianchi planning the shooting at Woz’s house. She tries to get him to cover it up, but Woz told Nate he could run with the story. Wozniak and Julia watch as the news breaks about her connection with Bianchi, along with her being elected mayor of New York City. Not able to face the consequences, Julia pulls out a gun and kills herself. 

Turns out Wozniak wore a wire when he met with Julia. Gail Baker says that is enough to terminate his obligation to the FBI. 

Harlee invites Stahl to her apartment and agrees to have sex with him if he’ll plant evidence connecting Miguel’s murder on Cady. Then she attempts to use an injector to knock him out and it backfires. He fights her and ends up knocking her out instead. 

Wozniak realizes that Stahl has abducted Harlee and gets Verco and the FBI involved in finding her. Espada and Tufo plant evidence in Stahl’s apartment linking him to Miguel’s murder, and Verco finds it. Gail tells Wozniak that Stahl used to meet his former partner’s wife at a house upstate for their trysts.  

When Harlee wakes up in a remote house; Stahl has her tied to a chair and dressed in black lingerie. She manages to cut her wrist and gets him to undo the restraints. She manages to fight him off and knock him unconscious as she runs outside. Unfortunately she finds that the house is in the middle of no where. Nobody hears her screams for help before she passes out due to blood loss.


Back at the precinct, Wozniak and the team are headed to the house upstate when Karen’s (aka Baby Girl) young son approaches Woz. He says that Quince has taken his mother in revenge. Wozniak tells the boy he has an emergency but to tell his story to one of the uniforms and they will get his mother back. The boy tells Wozniak he’s sorry as he pulls a gun out and shoots Woz. 

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