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Harlee sees a text from “Miguel” on Cristina’s phone. She doesn’t tell Cristina but she does get her talking about Miguel and quickly realizes that Stahl has been posing as “Clark” the man helping Cristina find Miguel. 

Harlee goes to warn Cady about Stahl, but finds Cady dead of an overdose. Harlee confesses to Wozniak that she killed Miguel and that Stahl might know. She wants to kill Stahl for using Cristina but Wozniak stops her.  

Instead, Harlee turns over the evidence of Stahl playing Cristina to his boss, Agent Gail Baker. Harlee uses Cristina’s phone to text Stahl and gets him to a meet where he finds Harlee and Baker. Harlee punches him and tells him if he comes near her daughter again that no one will ever find him. Then Baker tells him all of his cases are suspended and he needs to prepare for e disciplinary hearing tomorrow. 

Afterwards, Stahl questions Saperstein’s mother about his death and learns that 57-4-F is the plot where he’s buried. Stahl heads to Saperstein’s gravesite with a shovel.

Baby Girl, Quince’s partner with the assault rifle, comes to Loman to ask for help. Her 9-year-old son, Adrian, has disappeared. They find that he’s skipped out of school and is at the park playing chess. Quince was using him as a drug mule and put the drugs in his backpack. 

Verco bugs the room when Loman goes to Nate and asks him to give back the recording of their conversation. Nate won’t hand it over but Verco overhears Loman talking about the plan to take down Quince later that afternoon.

Wozniak, Tufo, and Loman have Adrian and Baby Girl give the backpack back to Quince. They’ve put a gun in it because a weapons charge will keep him in prison longer. Verco is there taking photos of everything, including Wozniak beating Quince. 

Later that night at Woz’s home, the team comes over for drinks and Woz gives Tufo his badge back. He also tells him that he has paperwork listing Wallace as his criminal informant so that he has immunity if Quince tries to implicate him. 

Nate shows up and asks Woz if he’s gay. Woz says if he ever asks him that again that it will be their last conversation. As Nate goes to leave bullets are flying as someone shoots up Woz’s home. Nate is shot and Harlee and Tess get him to the car and rush him to the hospital as the bullets continue to fly.


Later at the hospital, while Nate is in surgery, Loman admits to being impressed by Wozniak’s bravery in defending his team.

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Baby Girl: My boy is in danger.
Loman: I agree. His mother slings an assault rifle for a drug lord.
Baby Girl: I do what I got to do to survive.

Espada: You guys going to tell me how it is they let me go?
Harlee: We took their milk money.