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Woz and Harlee try to negotiate with Bianchi to get her gun back but it doesn’t go well. They decide that they need to find the gun themselves. The autopsy on Caroline showed that she had sex within eight hours of her death. 

Harlee asks Nava if he slept with Caroline that night, but he swears he was only with Harlee. He turned Caroline down and pushed her out the door. He thinks she was seeing a work colleague, Ethan. Turns out she left Ethan’s and walked through the park at 4am. 

Harlee gets surveillance from outside Ethan’s apartment and sees a car linking back to Vincent Rossi, Bianchi’s enforcer. She and Tess break into his apartment to retrieve her gun but they can’t find it, but Harlee finds his notebook and figures out that Nava is the man’s next target. 

Harlee sees Rossi before he can kill Nava. She chases him down and takes her gun back, then arrests him for Caroline’s murder and asks Woz for his drop gun so that the gun she turns in will match the bullets in Caroline’s body. Rossi tells her she’s a dead woman. Nava is worried for her safety. Harlee sends Cristina to her aunt’s, just to be safe. 

Loman goes to the pier and finds witnesses that confirm that Woz and Donnie went out on the boat several times. He shares the information with Tufo. 

Tufo speaks on behalf of his brother, Wallace, at his parole hearing. Tufo sees Verco enter the hearing after he leaves. Later, Verco comes to the precinct and makes a big show of telling Tufo his brother got paroled. He makes it appear that he was helping Tufo for a reason. 

Woz accuses Tufo of being the rat and the two fight. Tufo swears he wouldn’t rat for anything and walks away. Loman watches. 

Woz gets a look at Verco’s phone and finds he’s been in contact with the FBI. He believes Stahl is feeding Verco information. Woz confronts Stahl, who denies it, but Loman sees the two meet. 

Woz calls a meeting for the team. He apologizes for letting Verco get to him and tries to get the team to move forward, but Loman accuses him of informing on the team to the FBI. Before Woz can stop her, Harlee admits to the team that she is really the one working with the FBI. 


Bianchi accosts Linda in a book store and tells her she should have her husband take her someplace warm before the weather turns brutal. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Harlee: You've gotta believe that there's a path back.
Woz: It runs through rough terrain.

Nothing good happens in the woods after midnight.