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Flashback to Stahl finding Harlee bleeding on the lawn. He calls 911, grabs his things, sets the house on fire and runs. He ditches the car, steals a motorcycle and grabs a passport, gun, and cash he has hidden, but before he leaves town he makes sure Harlee is alive at the hospital. 


Stahl heads to Mexico but comes back because he’s obsessed with Harlee. He starts following her. He blames Harlee for his obsession with her. Stahl approaches Cole and makes it sound as though he’s with Internal Affairs and that Harlee has been talking. 


Stahl makes Gina call the FBI and say she believes Harlee is obsessed with Stahl and plans to kill him. 


After being beaten in the alley, Wozniak has visions of his late daughter, Annie, until Harlee finds him and cleans him up.


Cesar Molina’s father is killed but the Intelligence Unit because, as Ramsay tells Wozniak, he doesn’t like half measures. Ramsay threatens Nate and says he has a secondary source for his story. He tells Wozniak to take care of it or he will. The source is Molina’s priest. Wozniak finds him and threatens him. Woz tells the priest to volunteer for some missionary work out of state, immediately.  


IA tells Harlee that the gun Morris had on him (the one Loman planted to protect Harlee) matches bullets shot in the Sunrise Diner, including the one that killed Detective Parker. Loman says the gun in evidence is not the gun he planted, but the new gun now shows up in every single crime scene photo. 


Harlee and Loman follow the Intelligence Unit officers and try to disrupt their work. Harlee says that Intelligence seems invincible, but Loman says that all bullies seem that way until they’re not. 


When Wallace calls looking for Wozniak, Tufo overhears and corners Espada until he tells him they’ve been using Tufo as an undercover contact. Tufo is furious and confronts Woz who doesn’t back down but lets Wallace out of today’s operation. 


Wallace tells Tufo that working with Wozniak makes him feel like he has a purpose. He feels like Superman, so Tufo lets him go ahead with the operation. Over Wallace phone, they can hear that the meet is actually an ambush. Wozniak and Tufo rush in, but might be too late. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

You think I survived ten years by blabbing to IA?


I let her into my head, into my wiring, and once you do that you give up control. The part of you that knows better is screaming at you to walk away but the other part just can't let it go. It's like gravity, the pull is too strong. Some days I feel my sanity slowly slipping away, stolen from me. And yet every time I see her I feel the same rush, that same mixture of nausea and joy.