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Cole is supposed to testify in front of the Commission for Police Corruption but he doesn’t show, so Harlee ends up testifying in his place in order to stall until they can find him. She’s shocked when Ramsey enters and is one of the persons on the Commission.  

Tufo heads to the motel where Cole was staying but he’s gone. The proceedings are adjourned until 4 pm. Harlee takes off looking for Cole, knowing he was using Cristina’s car. She finds him about to get on a ferry. 

Tess transports Enrique Ortiz to the Feds, but stages an accident, making it look like someone ran her patrol car off the road. She lets the cartel take Enrique and they toss a plastic piece with the #077 on it. It’ a coat check for a purse full of cash. When Tess steps out of the building, Wozniak is there asking if she got what she was promised. 

Turns out, this was Wozniak’s plan all along. He had her allow the cartel to take back Ortiz and now she has the money to save her house. 

After returning Enrique, Wozniak gets the cartel to pressure Ramsey to drop the terrorist alert on him. Then Wozniak points out that Ramsey’s higher profile and lack of loyalty may not be worth his influence. 

When Cole refuses to come in and testify and goes on the run, Harlee decides to do it herself. She calls Cristina down to warn her before she does it. Wozniak calls Harlee. He tells her to get out of there. He has an audio recording of Ramsey talking to the cartel. Woz is worried Harlee might go down for the bad shoot at the Sunrise Diner if she testifies and begs her not to. Harlee says she has to do this. She says Woz has always had her back and she needs him to have it now by sending her the audio file. He does.

Harlee plays the file but then has to admit that the longshoreman she killed at the diner was unarmed. Instead of blaming Loman, she says she planted the gun before he got there. Harlee is able to implicate Ramsey in Parker, Bennet, and Nava’s murders but not without outing her own role in the diner cover up.

Every cop in the precinct submits character witness statements on Harlee’s behalf. Woz says it’s an apology for turning on her after she arrested Bennett.  Harlee decides to take a plea deal. She’ll to do time and she’ll definitely lose her badge. She asks Woz to take care of Cristina for her. She says that Cristina is his second chance after Annie. Woz says that Harlee was his second chance. 

Ramsey is arrested and when he’s transported to prison, Wozniak, dressed like a prisoner, strangles him to death. 

Two months later, Wozniak has had his surgery to remove the bullet from his back and is back at work. Tess and Tufo get their detective shields back. Cristina is living at Matt and Linda’s. They give her Annie’s room.  Woz drives Harlee to turn herself in. She enters prison to do her time, finally feeling free. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

He’s on a cold tray in a moldy basement and you’ve got all your tomorrows lined up.


Wozniak: How’s our girl?
Harlee: Clutch. I’ve got to say, she was clutch. Didn’t hesitate, knew exactly what to do.
Wozniak: Wonder where she learned that from.