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While Harlee hides, Ramsey finds Cole, who blames the torture on Wozniak but swears he told him nothing. Ramsay says that Bennett is the only other person who knew where Enrique’s girlfriend was being held and orders Cole to kill him. Cole shoots Bennet in the head.  Harlee also hears Ramsey say he needs to break Enrique out of Federal custody in order to appease the cartel. 

Linda brings Wozniak to the hospital where he gets stitches and is told he has a mild concussion but he refuses to slow down. 

Tess has Tufo assigned as her partner again just like Intelligence said would happen, but there’s a car following them. They think it’s Internal Affairs as they’ve already questioned Espada.

Adrian, the boy who shot Wozniak gets out of juvenile detention. Tess and Tufo deliver a chess set to him from Wozniak. Adrian’s mother is trying to get them out of the neighborhood to get her son away from the drug trade. Tess and Tufo offer to help and get the drug dealer’s scout on the street arrested. Later, Loman realizes that Adrian’s mother has taken over as the new scout. 

Cole tells Wozniak that Enrique is being moved by Homeland Security but will end up in Intelligence’s custody so Ramsey can turn him back over to the cartel. Woz comes up with a plan to take Enrique during transport. 

Stahl continues to convince Agent Myers that Harlee is lying. Myers says she still remembers how Cole saved her life and that’s how they first got together. 

Wozniak admits to Harlee that he never sent her the flowers she thought were from Stahl. 

Agent Myers calls Harlee in for a talk about the knife hidden in her car, but Stahl is telling her the questions to ask through an earpiece. Eventually, Myers gets nervous and stops asking Stahl’s questions. 

Tufo gets a transport van that Harlee is supposed to drive as a decoy so that the team can hijack Enrique’s transport, but Stahl hijacks Harlee and locks her in the back of the armored transport. He tries to record her admitting to killing Miguel or tricking her into saying she killed Gina. Neither works and Harlee breaks free. 

Wozniak and the team still manage to apprehend Enrique without Harlee but not without burning Cole. Cole is now on the run from Ramsay.

Wozniak tries to make a deal with Ramsay. If Ramsay clears his team and calls off the war against them, Woz will turn over Enrique. Ramsey claims to accept the deal but then shows up with Internal Affairs. Woz and his entire team are on the run with Enrique when they hear Homeland Security is looking for Wozniak who is wanted in connection to a terrorist cell. 

Verco calls Wozniak to tell him that the Deputy Commissioner of Internal Affairs is Ramsey’s mole. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Harlee: Bennett's dead.
Wozniak: What?
Harlee: Right in front of me. Ramsey made someone answer for the leak.
Wozniak: Good!
Harlee: At least he's satisfied.
Wozniak: No, I mean good, I hope that brings you peace, you know, for Nava.

Harlee: I know Ramsey's next move. He's breaking Enrique out of custody.
Wozniak: Is this before or after he turns water into wine?