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Harlee gives the eulogy at James Nava’s funeral.

The doctor tells Wozniak he needs a high-risk surgery to remove the bullet lodged near his spine or he is risking paralysis. Wozniak not only refuses the surgery, he refuses the pain meds the doctor says he should desperately need. 

Adrian, the boy who shot Wozniak has been beaten up in juvenile detention because Quince is dead. They didn’t touch him previously because they thought he worked for Quince. Adrian is more worried about his Mom, Karen, who missed his visit.

Wozniak visits Karen who is scared. She no longer hustles drugs, but she vouched for her roommate, Shauna, who has disappeared. If Shauna screwed up the delivery, Karen fears she’ll pay the consequences so Woz tries to track her down and uses Wallace, Tufo’s brother to help. 

Wallace was in prison with Quince’s second in command, Eddie Dixon. Wallace makes contact but has to get high with Dixon to get any information. Wozniak, Espada, and Wallace agree to hide this from Tufo. They find Shauna. She had injected multiple balloons of drugs and one of them burst. They get her to a hospital. 

Nate starts asking questions about whether Cesar Molina really killed Nava because Molina’s father insists his son was innocent and found God while in prison. Woz sends Loman to convince him to drop it. 

The prostitute Stahl used to hire to impersonate Harlee, Gina, says she saw him and she’s terrified. Harlee gets an anonymous flower delivery from someone who paid in cash. She thinks it’s Stahl until Wozniak says he sent her the flowers as an apology but didn’t know what to put on the card. Harlee isn’t sure she believes him. 

When Harlee lets Gina stay at their home because she’s terrified of Stahl, Gina ends up telling Kristina that Stahl had kidnapped Harlee, information Kristina hadn’t known. Kristina is furious with her mother, but Harlee insists a mother’s job is to not burden her child with her problems. When Kristina persists Harlee spills all the details. Kristina runs out of the room in tears while Harlee has another vision of Stahl. 

Harlee gets the MTA video footage and finds out that the guy she thought was following her wasn’t Stahl. Then she finds Gina wearing her clothes and the wig. Gina admits she isn’t sure she saw Stahl. Harlee tells her to leave. 

When Nate alludes to knowing Wozniak’s secrets, Woz accosts Loman, asking what he’s told Nate about him, but Loman hedges his answers, not admitting he showed Nate the intimate photos of Woz and Donnie Pomp. 

Later, Wozniak heads to a gay bar, where he pretends to want sex in the alley but then hits the guy. Wozniak then removes his guns and hides them and waits as the guy and his friends come back outside to beat him. 

After Gina leaves, Harlee thinks she sees Stahl outside her house in the dark. She chases him but then stops, insisting to herself that she’s had enough. Little does she know, this time it was really Stahl. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Fathers will do or say anything to protect their boys, even in death.


[to Wozniak] You need to consider the surgery. It’s a high-risk procedure but it’s not as high risk as a sharp piece of metal playing footsie with your spinal cord.