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Harlee and Espada find Tufo cradling a severely injured Wallace. Harlee begins to have a panic attack at the hospital while remembering being brought in herself months ago. Wallace has a bad head injury but should pull through. Tufo doesn’t leave his side and is plagued with guilt over not stopping his brother from helping Woz. 

The Feds take Harlee and Loman’s domestic abuse suspect who tried to bribe them. Ramsay seems surprised as the man was his asset. 

The Intelligence Unit pulls over and arrests Kristina when they find pills on her. While in her holding cell, Ramsay encourages Kristina to call her mother. Kristina calls Wozniak instead. Ramsay warns Wozniak that girls Kristina’s age die of overdoses all the time. Later, Kristina says the pills belonged to her friend who left them behind. Woz doesn’t believe her. 

Later, Kristina admits to Harlee that she flunked her final while Harlee was in the hospital but that the principal gave her a second chance to get her grades back up. She joined a study group with her friend Denise and started using “study buddies.". She’s been taking Adderall for the last couple of months and she’s afraid if she stops her grades will drop and she’ll never get into a good college. Harlee promises her that they will get through this, and then she finds out that the Intelligence Unit picked Kristna.

While waiting at the hospital, Loman meets Diana who says she’s there for her mom’s surgery. After lots of flirting the two go back to Diana’s hotel room and begin to have sex until Diana pulls out a gun with a silencer and tries to kill Loman. Loman manages to fight her off and calls Woz. Woz, Tess, and Loman torture Diana until she admits that the domestic abuser that Loman arrested hired her to kill Loman. He is Enrique Ortiz, son of Sebastian Ortiz, a cartel kingpin. 

Woz figures out that Ramsay is cutting deals with the cartel. Now that Enrique is in Federal custody he fears that Ramsay may be even more unpredictable. 

Harlee follows Bennet and then breaks into his apartment where she finds Nava’s notebook. Later she talks to Cole who claims he had no idea that Ramsay was working with the cartel. Harlee asks Cole if Bennet was ordered to kill Nava but he says he thinks Bennet improvised. 

Stahl continues to watch Harlee and notices someone else is also watching her too. When the man tries to follow Harlee, Stahl takes him out with a knife.

Harlee confronts Bennet and his partner. She plans to arrest Bennet for Nava’s murder but as they are surrounded by other cops, Woz talks her down. As she’s walking away, Bennet taunts her saying that Nava gave up too and cried like a bitch. Wozniak gives her a nod and they turn back. Harlee arrests Bennet for murder and when he resists, Woz punches him in front of everyone. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

We all need a purpose, Tufo, without it we're just blood and bone.


Tufo: How'd you end up down here, Woz? A couple of wrong turns on your way to the greater good?
Wozniak: More than a couple, my friend. More than a couple.