Taking On the Cartel - Shades of Blue
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Nava’s notebook has disappeared from Bennet’s residence by the time the warrant arrives to search his place. Although their Captain wants to release Bennet, Detective Verco from Internal Affairs agrees to hold him for 24 hours to give Harlee and Wozniak time to gather evidence. 

Fearful for his brother’s safety, Tufo has Loman get his brother transferred to another hospital under a different name but he gets into a fight with another officer that brings up his brother and they both end up being sent home for the day. 

Captain Ramsay holds a press conference claiming that Bennet is a hero who has thwarted terrorism and Wozniak and Harlee have acted recklessly by arresting him. 

Someone sends Harlee an newspaper clipping of a man killed on her back with a note reading “It was him are you. Healed yet?” When Harlee brings it to the FBI she’s told that Gina retracted her statement and made it sound like Harlee was obsessed with Stahl. Harlee goes to Gina’s apartment but she doesn’t open the door because Stahl has her tied and gagged. 

Later, Stahl kills Gina with a knife and then plants it in Harlee’s car. 

When Woz goes to FBI Special Agent Gail Baker to ask to see Enrique Ortiz, she says it’s above her clearance, but that his longtime attorney is Dustin Hayward. When Woz and Espada meet with Hayward at his office, he’s preparing to run. He says he did it for the money and now they’ll kill his family if he talks. Then he jumps out an open window to his death. 

Cole calls Harlee to let her know when the attorney’s office, now a crime scene, will be clear. They find a note on the back of his family’s photo leading them to a formation document for an LLC called Magnolia Limited. Cole says that Magnolia was Ramsay’s last operation overseas and that it didn’t go well. He lost a lot of men and couldn’t let it go. There’s also a purchasing agreement for a bonded warehouse in Red Hook. Two of Ramsay’s detectives come in while Cole and Harlee hide and they take the Magnolia paperwork, saying Ramsay needs them for an operation tonight at the warehouse. 

At home, Wozniak starts hearing voices, it’s him arguing with his daughter, Annie. He begins having visions of her. 

Wozniak and the team head to the warehouse in Red Hook in the hopes of busting Ramsay’s operation, but it’s a setup and they come under fire. When they call for backup, no one shows up because they have broken the blue wall. When Tess, who is stuck riding in a patrol car that day, realizes what is happening, she pulls her gun on her partner when he won’t respond to the call. She kicks him out of the car and goes in by herself. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Harlee: Verco, thank you.
Verco: Prepare to be unpopular detectives. It’s not as much fun as I make it look.

So what now detectives? How do I help facilitate the wild irony of you two investigating a cop for being dirty?

Detective Verco