Some Training - Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 3
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Alina wakes up after having a dream about Morozova's Stag. As she tries summoning light, a voiceover from a letter she sends to Mal plays.

Genya and her women burst into Alina's room. They help Alina bathe. Genya tells Alina she is about to meet the King.

After Alina bathes, one of Genya's women suggests making her eyes less Shu. Genya kicks out her women and says she will not change Alina's eyes. Then, Genya modifies Alina's on Alina's blemishes to prepare her for the King.

On the way to the Fold, Kaz briefs the Conductor, Arken, on their mission. Arken tells Kaz, Inej, and Jesper about his contact in the Little Palace, Nina.

In West Ravka, Nina manipulates the concierge into accepting a late payment. She goes to her room to wait for Arken.

A group of Fjerdan soldiers bursts into Nina's room. Nina tries to kill them, but someone binds her hand. She tries to fight them off, but they successfully capture her. After the Fjerdan soldiers and Nina leave, shadows seep Nina's empty room.

Later, Kaz, Inej, Jesper, and Arken enter Nina's room. They search for her, and Arken finds evidence that Drüskelle were there.

The four of them leave the residence without a way into the Little Palace. After Kaz insists they continue with the plan, Arken informs the Dregs of items they need to cross the Fold. Kaz, Inej, and Jesper split up to find these items.

In town, Jesper looks for coal, but a group of gamblers distracts him.

At the Little Palace, Alina and Genya are on their way to meet the King. Alina asks Genya about leaving the Little Palace. They pass by a mirror, and Alina studies her appearance.

Alina continues asking Genya questions until they reach The Darkling. Genya disappears, and Alina and The Darkling continue without her. He tells her about the Grisha Small Science and future plans on their way to the Grand Palace.

Once inside the Grand Palace, Alina and Kirigan walk toward the King, stopping in the center of the room. Alina removes her hat and veil. The Queen notes Alina's Shu ethnic background. The Darkling steps in and formally introduces Alina to the King and Queen.

The Darkling helps Alina in demonstrating her powers. After the demonstration is over, the King asks about destroying the Fold, and The Darkling explains his plans to train Alina. Alina asks The Darkling about her powers. He leaves after briefly answering her.

A group of Grisha greets Alina. Zoya whispers a racist comment in Alina's ear before Genya pulls her away from the group.

After Kaz finds a goat, he stumbles upon a rally fighting for West Ravka's independence. He finds Inej looking at a list of names without jurda in hand. Inej was looking for her parents. Kaz shuts down her search.

On a ship to Fjerda, a man brings Nina down into the cabins to chain her with the other Grisha. She demands information regarding their destination.

Kaz, Inej, and Arken make their way toward the edge of the Fold. As they prepare to leave, Jesper comes running with the bag of coal. The gamblers have been chasing him. He runs onto the train, and they close the door behind him.

The gamblers continue banging on the train car from outside. Jesper only brought sixteen pounds of coal instead of twenty, but they prepare to leave anyway.

At the Little Palace, Nadia and Marie appear out of nowhere and drag Alina off to training. They ask Alina about herself.

Nadia, Marie, and Alina arrive at combat training. A question prompts a memory of Mal teaching her how to fight.

Alina chooses Zoya as a fighting opponent. Zoya takes Alina down easily and walks away. However, Alina insists on fighting again. Zoya makes a comment about Mal, which prompts Aina to punch Zoya in the face. Zoya retaliates by Squaller magic, which causes Alina to faint.

Alina has another vision of the Stag. Nadia and Marie manage to wake her. Botkin scolds Zoya for using magic and kicks her out.

Alina goes to her room and continues writing a letter for Mal.

Afterward, Alina goes to the library to browse through books. She finds a book of fables that she remembers from her childhood. The Apparat suddenly appears and introduces himself to Alina. Alina tries to leave, but he noticed what she was reading and pulls out several books.

Alina and the Apparat flip through a few books while he tells her about the Bonesmith. He gifts her a book titled "The Lives of the Saints" and brings her to Baghra for summoning lessons.

Alina arrives at Baghra's. They sit down, and Baghra asks Alina questions about herself. Then, Baghra asks about Alina's powers before telling her to leave.

Alina goes back to her room and continues writing her letter for Mal.

Arken explains the mechanics of the train as they travel through the Fold. Eventually, they attract a group of volcra.

Alina sits with Nadia and Marie at dinner. Alina receives an otkazat'sya to taste her dinner before she can eat. Ivan announces about casualties in the First and Second Armies.

Back in the Fold, more volcra swarm the train car. Arken says they do not have enough coal to make it out of the Fold. Jesper starts shooting at the volcra. They eventually make it to the other side and emerge in East Ravka.

We hear the remainder of Alina's letter over a voiceover. A montage of previous moments from the show play during the voiceover.

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Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Alina: Saints, I can't go in front of the King. I need more time; I've only been a Grisha for a day.
Genya: Maybe you've only been aware for a day, but you've been a Grisha your whole life. And now you're here to tear down the Fold.

It's like I blinked, and the whole world changed.