The Sun Summoner - Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 2
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In Keramzin, during a flashback, Alina overhears another kid talking about the Grisha test. Mal asks how the test happens, but the boy tells Mal he will not be tested since he is injured. Alina and Mal run into a field and hide so that Aina cannot get tested.

In the present day, soldiers carry Mal from the ship on a stretcher. They leave Alina behind. A healer heals Alina's injuries, and Zoya tells the healer to take Alina to General Kirigan's tent.

Inej and Kaz talk argue the impending deadline at sunrise.

General Kirigan's men bring Alina to his tent. Kirigan asks Alina what she is, and she tells him about herself. Kirigan asks other Grisha what happened on the boat, and they respond by saying that Alina summoned light. Kirigan asks Alina when she got tested, but she refuses to answer. Then, he tests her.

During the test, Mal wakes up and looks for Alina. After finding out where she is, he runs after her. Mal reaches Kirigan's tent just as light seeps from Alina's skin. Mal walks away after seeing her power.

Kaz tries to go after Inej, but Pekka Rollins's men subdue him. Rollins threatens Kaz to give him Dreesen's job. Then, he leaves with his men.

Inej and Jesper talk about Kaz and the job. Someone hands Inej a notice, which calls her back to the Menagerie.

After Inej leaves, Kaz arrives. Kaz tells Jesper about what happened with Pekka Rollins.

Kaz motions at one of his men. He brings Kaz a woman playing cards. He realizes that she is from East Ravka and that she has crossed the Fold successfully. She gives him information about The Conductor, which is how she passed the Fold.

Kirigan's guards bring Alina to a coach. Ivan is waiting for her. When she arrives, he orders her to get in, but she refuses. They argue until he forces her into the carriage.

Alina sees Mal from the window as the coach rides away. Mal tries to catch up, but he cannot. Zoya shows up and asks Mal about his friendship with Alina.

Inej arrives at the Menagerie. She goes to meet her boss, Heleen. Inej cannot travel without Heleen's permission. Heleen will let her go if Inej kills someone for her that night.

Afterward, Inej finds Jesper and asks him to kill the person for her. Kaz interrupts their conversation, and Inej vanishes.

Alina talks with Ivan and Fedyor, attempting to turn around. The coach stops at a roadblock. Ivan and Fedyor leave the coach to see what is going on.

Two guards walk cautiously, looking for signs of movement. Drüskelle kill them immediately. Grisha begin fighting back while Alina hides in the coach.

Suddenly, a man opens the carriage and drags Alina out. Just as he is about to kill her, Kirigan, i.e., The Darkling, arrives and kills the man by performing the Cut. The Darkling asks Alina if she is okay, then takes her on horseback instead of going back to the coach.

Kaz and Jesper encroach on Pekka's territory. Kaz has plans to talk to an old business partner.

Inej arrives at her victim's address and knocks him out.

Alina asks The Darkling if they can stop. Once they stop, he offers Alina a cloth to clean her face. She is wary of him because he killed someone earlier. She asks him about it. They talk about the Cut and Grisha powers. Then, they ride to the Little Palace.

One of the soldiers rides back to camp. Mal asks him about what happened, and he tells Mal about the ambush. Mal asks about Alina and finds out she's with The Darkling.

Mal goes to the First Army general and suggests sending a First Army unit to protect Alina. The general refuses.

In Ketterdam, Jesper causes a distraction as Kaz slips inside. Kaz goes to see Poppy, asking about the Conductor.

Inej's victim wakes up, tied down to a chair, while Inej sorts through some files. Inej questions him for information on her brother. Just as she is about to kill him, Kaz arrives, telling her not to. She stands down, and her victim turns out to be the Conductor.

The Darkling and Alina arrive at the Little Palace. He orders his guards to take her to her new suite. Alina arrives at her room and breaks down in tears. Then, she takes a look around her room.

Mal prepares to go after Alina. Mikhael and Dubrov find him and talk him out of it.

Kaz gives Heleen The Crow Club in exchange for Inej's freedom.

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Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Alina: Look at me. Do I look important to you?
Ivan: You look like trouble, which is nearly the same.

Never make decisions out of fear, Jesper. Only out of spite.