Alina Summoning - Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 4
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At a banquet, Nikolai announces his engagement with Alina.

Genya is trapped in a cell next to Baghra.

Mal thinks Alina made a rash decision in leading the second army.

A member of Nikolai's family witnesses Mal and Alina share a kiss.

Kirigan takes Genya away from the cell to make an example out of her.

Baghra admonishes Kirigan for his choices.

Kaz prepares for his plan, and Inej promises that Pekka will beg for death.

Alina wants to learn to lead with fear as she trains her power.

David made his way to Alina and Nikolai to tell them everything about Kirigan.

Alina hears his story and then orders David to a holding cell.

Alina wants to create soldiers of light to combat Kirigan's soldiers of shadow.

Mal wants to find the longsword that originated in Shu.

Nina and Kaz begin their plan, with Nina bringing in Kaz to Pekka.

Inej finds some women and a baby hidden on one of Pekka's ships and saves them.

Pekka starts beating Kaz.

Kaz spread a fake firepox disease to ruin Pekka's business.

He also threatens Pekka's son.

Pekka signs confessions for murder and Inej's release.

Mal gets knocked out by that man that overheard Alina and him and sent to the front lines for court marshall.

The man, Nikolai's older brother, wants to befriend Alina.

Pekka makes it to the graves but gets arrested. He sees his son is safe and not buried alive.

Jesper makes a move on Wylan, asking him to date, and in response, Wylan kisses him.

They start to make out on the bed in Wylan's hideout.

Kaz is mad at Inej for not being there and for saving the women.

He kicks her out of the crew and hands over her freedom papers.

Alina and Nikolai make their appearance in the party in their honor.

Alina is worried that she doesn't see Mal, and Nikolai worries that Vasily invited too many people.

Just as Vasily starts making a speech, the room gets attacked by shadow creatures.

Vasily gets attacked.

Nadia and Tamar try and help Alina escape.

Alina thinks she sees Kirigan and breaks away from the group.

Kirigans Grisha surrounded the building, and Tamar heads towards the tunnels.

Baghra breaks her wrists and escapes her shackles, and frees Genya.

Genya breaks all of the chemistry stuff in the lab that may help Kirigan heal.

As the group, including Adrik, start sneaking around and toward the tunnels, Adrik gets attacked.

Kirgan makes himself known to everyone in the room.

Alina argues with Krigan, and he launches an attack on Alina.

She channels enough magic to attack through Kirigans Shadow monster and hit Kirigan.

Tamar comes back for Alina, and they escape through a tunnel that collapses behind them.

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