Wylan, Jesper, and Kaz - Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 7
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Kirigan doesn't think Alina would sacrifice Mal for the firebird's power.

Alina and Mal wake up in bed, and Mal constantly thinks about Alina and his relationship.

Kirigan visits Mal in a projection.

Alina tells Nikolai that Mal's the firebird and breaks down.

Nikolai wants Alina to be happy.

Nikolai hugs Mal to console him.

Nikolai asks if he's sure there's no other way.

Genya and David continue flirting.

Mal announces to the entire crew that he's the firebird.

Tamar wants to control Mal's death and try reviving him after his death, potentially harnessing his power and saving his life.

Nikolai and his army set off on their part of the mission.

Kirigan's Grishas have planned an ambush, and they knock Nikolai's airship out of the sky.

Pekka tries to get Matthias to join his side.

David prepares to cut off Mal's finger, but he is nervous.

A shadow figure attacks the chapel they're in.

Nikolai and his now-smaller crew are on the run.

Kirigan enters the fold.

The shadow creature still chases Akina and her group.

Kirigan's shadow creatures protect him against the volcra.

Kirigan moves the fold.

The fold is now covering the army's base camp.

Tamar leads a crew outside of the camp.

Nikolai and the others are still on the run from Kirigan's Grisha.

Alina gets taken by a shadow creature, but Inej saves her life with the blade.

Alina bids Ineh to wield the sword.

Nikolai's troops attack the Grisha from behind, taking them off guard.

The Grisha still control immense power, but their numbers dwindle.

Tolya prepares to help Tamar.

He takes out the four Grisha planned to ambush them from behind.

The general that's been protecting Nikolai dies.

The Grisha's numbers dwindle, but so do Nikolai's.

David traps Genya in a dumbwaiter to save her life, while a creature comes in and kills him.

The Crows arrive at the front line just in time and save Tamar and Nikolai from certain death.

Jesper embraces his Durast powers.

The Crows help Nikolai's crew win, and Nikolai deals the final shot.

Alina tries to take Mal's power without killing him.

Just as Kirigan tries to use the cut against Mal, Alina uses her own light cut.

Mal is hit and starts dying, and Nina gets taken by a shadow creature.

Shadow and Bone
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