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Michael and Jace embrace at Valentine's hideout. Jace still has demon venom flowing through him and is weak.

Alec talks with Izzy about her upcoming case. They think Clary and Jace are gone forever.

Luke is giving Simon lessons at the Jade Wolf when Clary and Michael bring the injured Jace in. Jace needs blood, so Simon and Clary go to Hotel Dumort. At first Raphael refuses to hand over any human blood, but Clary and Simon blackmail Raphael and he gives them blood.

Simon's new job is an advisor to Raphael.

The Inquisitor shows up at the Institute to begin the trial of Izzy.

Jace is recovering. Michael talks to Clary. Clary is suspicious. Clary talks to Jace and they passionately kiss.

Michael explains himself and how he knows Valentine's plan. He says Valentine moved to a small pox hospital. Clary and Luke go to the hospital investigate. 

Alec visits Magnus and asks him to be Izzy's attorney. He agrees if Alec will sleep with him, but Alec refuses and Magnus asks for Alec's bow and arrow.

Jace and Michael are training. Michael admonishes Jace as weak because he loves Clary. Jace feels guilty.

Luke and Clary report back. The group devise a plan to rescue Jocelyn.

At the trial, Izzy stands up for herseld and tells the court that her trial is wrong.

Luke and gang raid the hospital. While they fight demons, Clary sneaks in. Luke takes on Valentine's top lieutenant, while Michael and Jace run in after Clary. Clary finds her mother when Michael and Jace run in. They lock the doors as they are being followed by demons. Clary wants to go back for Luke, but they refuse.

Magnus calls Lydia to the stand who takes Izzy's side and says she is dropping all charges against Izzy. The Inquisitor says the charges stay, but if the Cup is recovered within 24 hours the charges will be dropped. If not Izzy will be exiled.

Clary pulls out the Mortal Cup and demands the demons lead her to Valentine. They do nothing. Michael asks for the Cup to try and Clary hands it over. Wayland transforms himself back to Valentine. He attempts to use the Cup, but Clary gave him a glamour.

Valentine tells Jace he is his father before he escapes through a portal.

Jace and Clary take Jocelyn back to the Institute. Alec and Jace have another fight. Alec tells Izzy she's free since Jace and Clary turned the Cup over to the Clave.

Magnus asks Alec for his payment and tells Alec he is making a mistake marrying Lydia. He says it's not fair to either of them. Alec doesn't change his mind, and gives Alec his bow and arrow back.

At the Jade Wolf, Luke tells Simon the story of what happened. Simon talks about his love for Clary. Luke tells Simon that Jace and Clary are brother and sister.


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