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Shadowhunters, Jace, Isabelle, and Alec are following a shapeshifter.

In front of Pandemonium, Jace bumps into Clary. Only Clary can see him, not her friends Simon and Maureen, and Jace is surprised.

Flashback to 8 hours earlier.

Clary is auditioning her artwork at the Brooklyn Academy of Art. When she finishes she joins Simon at a coffee shop. She was accepted. 

They talk about what they are going to do tonight. Clary's biscotti melds into the paper on the table as a drawing.

Cops are investigating the murder of a body drained of blood. One of the cops is Luke.

At the store, Clary gets a birthday present from Dot. It's a blouse that she ends up wearing later on.

Upstairs, her mom, Jocelyn, gives her a stele as a gift. She tells her it's a heirloom and says they need to talk, but Clary is going out with Simon and needs to get ready. The talk can wait.

Jocelyn sits at the table, running her fingers, over a rune drawn by Clary and flashes back to 10 years ago.

They are at a park and Clary is playing by a pond when a monster shoots up out of the water. Jocelyn uses the stele and transports from the park bench to where Clary is at. She kills the monster then takes Clary to Magnus Bane and asks her to rid the girl of her memories.

Back to present. Luke walks in. He gives Clary a birthday present of spray paint. She's going to use it to paint Simon's van. Luke notices the stele in her pocket and asks  her about it.

Simon shows up and they leave.

Jocelyn tells him that she will tell her everything tomorrow.

Maureen and Simon are doing a duet at the coffee shop. Afterwards, they are by Simon's van. Clary shares that her mother would never keep secrets from her and that her only family is her mother. Maureen thinks that's strange.

At the apartment, Jocelyn opens a box and pulls out what looks like a light saber. It is a magical sword, covered in runes.

Isabelle and Alec are walking through the Institute. They come upon Jace who tells them about the shapeshifter. They grab their weapons and head out.

Clary is going to paint the new band name on his van when Jace bumps into her.

No one can see Jace but her. Her friends think she's talking to herself. When she discovers this, she chases after him into the Pandemonium.

In the Pandemonium, Jace and friends are following the shapeshifter. Clary is trying to find Jace. Simon and Maureen are getting drinks.

Clary follows Jace to a backroom. Isabelle starts dancing for a group of guys who end up turning out to be demons. A fight ensues witnessed by Clary. She ends up killing a guy with one of the swords. She freaks out and takes off.

Meanwhile, Magnus Bane kicks out member of the Circle group and he sees Clary.

Clary goes home and tells her mom everything, but before Jocelyn has a chance to say anything, Dot comes in to tell her that the Circle members are on their way. Jocelyn gives Clary a necklace and then Dot opens up a portal. Jocelyn pushes Clary through the portal that will take her to the police station.

The guys from the club enter the apartment and begin fighting with Dot. One throws her out of the window. Jocelyn fights the others, but before they have a chance to overtake her, she takes a potion that puts her into a coma.

Clary is transported to the police station. The police chief walks up right after she lands. She wonders why Clary is there at 2 in the morning. She says she's waiting for Luke. She finds Luke talking to other members of the Circle. He tells them he doesn't care what happens to Jocelyn or Clary. His people want the Mortal Cup, too.

Cut to Chernobyl.

The guys fighting Jocelyn show up with her. Valentine is there. One of them starts talking trash about Jocelyn and he kills him. 

Back home, Clary walks into disarray. Dot isn't dead after all. She tells Clary that Jocelyn was kidnapped and starts asking her about The Mortal Cup. Clary doesn't know anything, then Dot turns into a demon. Just as the demon is about to overtake Clary, Jace shows up, but not before the demon bits Clary. Clary passes out, but Jace catches her.

Clary wakes up in a bed at the Institute. Isabelle is there to greet her. Alec doesn't like what's going on. Jace tells Clary about Shadowhunters.

Clary's phone rings. It's Simon. Turns out that the Institute is inside an old, abandoned church. Clary says she'll be right out. She doesn't have her own clothes, but Isabelle left a leather outfit for her. 

She goes out to greet Simon. He doesn't like her appearance and tries to cover her up. Jace follows, but Simon can't see him. That's because Jace is using a glamour rune. A guy comes up behind Clary. Jace takes him down. The dead guy is revealed to Simon. Jace also reveals himself to Simon.

Simon wants Clary to leave with him. Jace claims she needs to stay with him so he can protect her. She's caught in the middle.

Back in Chernobyl, Valentine learns that Jocelyn has a daughter and he intends to find her.


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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

It's your 18th birthday. Everything's going to change for you now.


Clary: Simon, how could someone as smart and perceptive as you not realize the person sitting right there is in love with you?
Simon: I guarantee you I'm not the only smart, perceptive person to make that mistake.