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Clary goes to see Jonathan after he sends a message on his skin. She says that she pretended to head back to the Institute. Turns out that Clary is a Seelie in disguise working for Jonathan; Jonathan is in New York.

Everyone is dead at the Jade Wolf, except for Jordan and Maia. They're trapped in the pantry. Maia starts freaking out from the claustrophobia.

Jace plans to throw Clary a surprise after their first night together.

Isabelle asks Alec for helping into determining the murder of the Glave guard. He gives her 24 hours for her investigation.

Magnus asks Lorenzo for help in getting his magic back. Magnus offers to give Lorenzo any material possession he might want in exchange. Lorenzo agrees to help him; he gives Magnus some magic.

Jace plans to take Clary ice-skating as a date.

Jordan's wound is infected from Griffin's blade; it exudes with silver toxin. Maia reminisces about a memory they shared together as a couple. Jordan talks about seeing Maia for the first time.

Clary helps Jace learn how to skate on ice. Jace tumbles on the ice when she lets go of him; they kiss on the ground.

Jonathan ambushes Jace and knocks him out. He glamors himself to look like Jace.

Magnus shows off his powers to get the pages on the Morningstar Sword. Alec is concerned about how Magnus got his powers.

Clary tells "Jace" the truth about Jonathan sending her a message.

Luke thinks that his phone is tapped after all the murders. He's also being followed as well; Simon might be able to help him.

Maia thanks Jordan for saving her from the stab wound. He apologizes for turning her into a werewolf. Jordan starts fading away from the pain.

"Jace" gives a rose to Clary; he kisses her. Clary pricks her finger on the rose and she sees "Jace" get the same wound. Clary calls Isabelle for help.

Magnus uses his magic to teleport him and Alec to the tomb; he also uses his magic to remove the coffin's lid and retrive the sword. The sword in the tomb is a fake. The Morningstar Sword will allw Jonathan to summon a demon army from hell.

Simon destroys the exhaust of the police car to stop Luke's tail.

Isabelle and the Shadowhunters find Jace tied up in the arena.

Magnus reveals that he traded his home to Lorenzo for his magic back.

Simon and Luke discover the masscred bodies in the Jade Wolf. Simon saves Maia and Jordan in time to get them out of the pantry.

Isabelle, Jace, and the Shadowhunters ambush Jonathan and Clary. Before they're able to stop them, Jonathan uses an evil mind trick to mess with Clary's mind and escapes.

Maia and Simon take Jordan to the Praetor while Luke gets apprehended by the cops at the Jade Wolf.

Alec confronts Lorenzo abotu his underhanded tactics to put Magnus in line. He threatens to dethrone Lorenzo whenever he slips up.

Magnus' nose starts bleeding after he creates a portal to the New York Institude.

Isabelle finds a file drive inside the dead body.

Jace promises to get revenge on Jonathan for what he did to Clary. She's not ready to kiss him over what happened; she wants him to stay with her.

Jonathan thinks Clary will be joining him pretty soon.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Clary: Did you miss me?
Jonathan: I told you I did.
Clary: Next time you want to send a message like that ... use email.
Jonathan: I’ll admit it was a little dramatic. It got your attention, didn’t it?
Clary: Being back at the Institute ... having to play Jace’s virginal little girl again ... it got real old real fast. I missed our life together.

Jordan: Where’s your phone?
[Maia checks her phone]
Maia: No service.
Jordan: Where’s Simon? He’s going to panic if he doesn’t hear from you.
Maia: I don’t think so. We broke up.
[Awkward silence]
Jordan: Alright, we just have to sit tight. Someone will come for us eventually.
Maia: Who?! My whole pack just got slaughtered, Luke stepped down, and the Jade Wolf is freaking closed on Mondays.
[Maia pounds on the pantry door]
Maia: Hello! Is anybody out there?! Hello?!?!
Jordan: I forgot you’re claustrophobic.
Maia: I swear I’m going to wolf out if we don’t get out of here.