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Asmodeus returns Maguns' magic and claims he wants to be his father again. Magnus refuses and portals away. 

Jace, Alec, Simon, and Izzy formulate a plan to get Clary back from Jonathan and break their connection. 

Izzy creates a rock made of pure Heavenly Fire, which they have to somehow inject into Jonathan. Simon and Izzy decide to ask Luke's sister for help. 

In a flashback, Magnus remembers when he and Alec engraved a lock to show their love. Magnus destroys the lock. 

Maia and Jordan kiss, but Maia tells Jordan she can't be with him. 

Luke tells Izzy and Simon that they'll need to restructure Glorius, which means that also need angelic blood. Since Simon drank Jace's blood and became a Daylighter, it's still in his system. 

Jace goes undercover and pretends to join Clary and Jonathan. 

Magnus remembers when he and Alec discussed having a family. 

Clary reveals to Jace that they're going to kidnap the Seelie Queen to bargain for Morningstar. 

Maia and Jordan ask Raphael where the remaining viles of the Heavenly Fire syrum are. 

Isabelle and Simon share a moment while she draws his blood. 

Jace tries to pull Clary back, but her connection with Jonathan is too powerful. 

Magnus asks Brother Zachariah to erase his memories of Alec, but he refuses. 

Clary, Jonathan, and Jace all ingest a Seelie concoction at the nightclub that makes it difficult to focus. 

Jonathan spots the Seelie ring Jace is using to contact Alec just as the queen arrives.

Jonathan steals the remaining vial of Heavenly Fire.

Isabelle succeeds in reforging Glorius, but Clary sends Jace back to the Institute once she realizes what he's up to.  

Magnus tries to take his own memories of Alec, but Asmodeus convinces him not to. 

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

When it comes to having a family, you wouldn't be doing it alone.


Raphael: It's gone. Except for a few vials.
Maia: Well, where are those vials?