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Jonathan and Clary hold the Seelie Queen captive and try to get her to tell them the location of the Morgenstern Sword. 

Asmodeus tries to bond with Magnus. 

Simon and Luke insist on coming with Izzy and Jace to save Clary, but Izzy refuses to let them. 

Alec gives the family ring back to his mom. 

Asmodeus turns Lorenzo into a lizard and gets Magnus' apartment back for him. 

Jordan tells Maia he stole the Heavenly Fire serum for her and that he's dying from silver poisoning. 

Luke talks to the Praetor. 

Maryse goes to speak with Magnus, and they realize why Alec broke up with him. 

Magnus sends his father through a portal so he'll get lost in limbo forever. 

Jonathan and Clary trade the Seelie Queen for the Morgenstern Sword, but Jace, Isabelle, and Alec show up with Glorious. They face off and Simon shows up in the middle of the fight. 

Jace stabs Clary with Glorious and breaks the connection between her and Jonathan. This makes Jonathan stronger and he flies away. 

Isabelle sacrifices herself to save Simon and is injured. 

Maia gives the serum to Luke who contacts the Praetor about it. 

Clary portals everyone to Alicante, and apologizes to Jace for everything. 

Simon and Isabelle almost kiss. 

Jordan dies and Maia gives him a funeral. 

Jonathan lets loose all the demons that were banished to Edom, which will essentially destroy the world.

Magnus proposes to Alec before going to Edom to build enough strength to close the rift. 

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Magnus: Alexander Gideon Lightwood, will you marry me?
Alec: Only if you'll marry me too.

Magnus: The strength I would need to pull it off can only come from one place.
Isabelle: Edom?

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