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A flashback shows young Jonathan being transported to Edom. He encounters Lilith and she says that she loves him. Lilith burns him when she touches his arms.

Jace brings Clary back to New York. She begs to know if he killed Alec and Isabelle.

Simon and Isabelle visit the hospital to check on Becky. Isabelle reveals she is no longer dating Dr. Charlie.

Luke's boss thinks he could be implicated a rash of disappearances and deaths. He doesn't believe that Luke is searching for Clary.

Magnus performs a ritual to transport to Edom to see his father.

Clary grabs a piece of a broken bottle to cut her hand. She leaves a trail of dripping blood behind.

Simon comes clean to his sister about his death and what happened. Becky says that she supports Simon and wants to protect him.

Asmodeus welcomes Magnus into his home. He wants Magnus to apologize for banishing him away, but Magnus does not want to apologize. Magnus asks for a favor.

Jace brings Clary and Valentine's bone to Lilith.

Simon compels his mother to forget his vampire side. He makes her believe that Simon has died.

Lilith slaps Clary after she says that Jonathan is a monster and the world is better off now that he's dead.

Asmodeus offers to help Magnus if he agrees to rule by his side. Magnus refuses the deal. He begs for another offer.

Luke and Maryse find the blood trail to lead to Clary. Alec asks Maryse to sit fight out as they gather the group together for their biggest fight yet. Alec hands Simon a Stele for their big plan.

Alec and Magnus fight in an alley. Lilith's disciples fight Isabelle and Luke in the lobby of a building.

Before the Owl Demon is able to kill Alec, Magnus arrives and performs the spell. The corruption is removed from Jace's body. Magnus had traded his magic to Asmodeus to save Jace.

Lilith carves a marking into Clary's skin. The mark ties her life force to Jonathan; as long as she lives, so does Jonathan.

Jace saves Luke and Izzy against a few of the bug demons.

Clary fakes out Lilith into thinking she's going to kill herself. She uses her sun rune to push Lilith back. When Simon goes in to stop Jonathan, Lilith hurts Simon, which causes him to be knocked out of a building.

Jonathan's hand grabs Clary.

Lilith explodes in a big ball of fire and ash.

Simon has survived being knocked out of the window. He and Jace cannot find Clary, Jonathan or Lilith.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Clary: Let me talk to him. Please. Give him back to me. I can’t lose him again.
Jace: There is no version of this where your Jace wakes up and comes home.
Clary: Jace, if you can hear me in there. I will never give up on you. Never.
[She head butts Jace and runs for it. He catches her.]
Jace: The life you knew is gone. You belong to Lilith now.

Simon: I am so sorry.
Becky: I’ve read enough YA to know what happens. So, how long is it until I turn?
Simon: You won’t, I promise. You have to have died with my blood in your system then get buried and then ... feed as soon as you crawl out of your own grave.
Becky: Oh, Simon. You went through all of that on your own? You died? [She cries]
Simon: Medically speaking, yeah.
Becky: Well, I guess all your sketchy behavior makes sense now.