Turning to Lorenzo Rey - Shadowhunters
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Clary is prepped and dressed to witness an execution. She watches as a former Circle member is burned alive.

Simon is mad at Jordan for pushing Maia away. Jordan makes peace by showing Simon a text about the mark on his head. 'The Mark of Cain' delivers the same type of pain but seven fold.

Izzy begs Alec to find out what happened to Clary, but unfortunately the news is slim.

Magnus found a spell that would be able bring Jace back. He needs about a dozen Warlocks to channel their magic and the approval of the High Warlock.

Clary reunites with Madzie's grandmother Iris in the pen. She reveals that Consul Penhallow asked her to bring Valentine back from the dead to question him. She refused and her execution was pushed up.

Jace kidnapped Heidi and brought her to Lilith. Lilith manipulates Heidi into following her advice to get Simon on her side.

Before her execution, Clary makes a final plea that she can bring Valentine back from the dead with a rune of her creation. Clary creates her rune and Valentine comes alive again.

Luke asks his pack for help in bringing Clary back. The wolves refuse as it's a dangerous mission. He gives up leadership of the pack to help Clary.

Valentine refuses to speak to anyone except Clary. Consul Penhallow obliges.

The High Warlock agrees to speak to his people about helping with Magnus's spell after Alec blackmails him.

Heidi calls Simon; she's at his family home and she's tied up his mother and sister at the table. Heidi wants him to tell the truth about being a vampire.

Valentine reveals that he injected Lilith's blood into Jonathan when he was in the womb.

Lorenzo, the High Warlock, forbids any Warlock from helping Magnus.

Jordan asks Isabelle to help find Simon. The Praetor wolves protecting Heidi were killed and she escaped.

Heidi tells Simon's family that he's a werewolf. She hurts Simon's sister and cuts her necks; she wants Simon to feed on his sister.

Consul Penhallow confirms why Lilith would want to take a piece of Valentine; she needs Valentine's flesh to bring Jonathan back from the dead. Valentine breaks free and holds Penhallow hostage.

The guards shoot Valentine with an arrow, but he survives and remove the bow.

Magnus confronts Lorenzo about refusing his help. The two engage in a magic fight. Lorenzo walks away and threatens to banish him from the city.

Simon confronts Heidi and tries to push her into harming him, but Lilith warned her. Heidi lets Becky go and Simon bites Becky to drain her blood since he's low on blood. Isabelle arrives in time to stop Simon. Simon's mother holds a knife to him and tells him to leave; she calls him a monster.

A few fellow cops of Luke's arrive to bring him down to the station. They're suspicious of him after a few recent disappearances.

Valentine kills a bunch of guards and lets the prisoners go.

Magnus knows a way to channel enough power to cure Jace. He needs to seek out his father's help.

Izzy comforts Simon about what happened at his home.

Clary teams up with Valentine to open the gates so that she can escape and warn people about Jonathan's resurrection. She removes the rune from his chest to kill him forever.

A guard places handcuffs on Clary and removes a bone from Valentine. The guard turns out to be Jace.

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