Secrets Abound - Shadowhunters
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A mysterious woman covered in black liquid stands over a dead Sebastian. She speaks to the body and says he will soon return.

In Idris, Clary accepts the rune of the Angels to join the ranks of the Shadowhunters. She is no longer in training but a full-ranked member.

Alec questions Clary about his parabathai rune disappearing. He knows that Clary and Jace lied about what happened during the fight with Valentine.

Jace visits his parents' graves in the cemetery. He doesn't want Clary to reveal the truth or else she'll be locked up forever.

Luke reluctantly chats with his cop partner, Holly. She mentions that years ago she was attacked by a werewolf and luckily didn't contract the disease. She knows that Luke, and the people in the restaurant, are werewolves. Holly wants the truth and threatens to expose him.

A woman stares at the newborn children in the hospital. She wants to hold one of the babies, but the male nurse, Tim, politely declines and walks her out. A demon later attacks Tim and expels dark energy into him.

Magnus has been dismissed of his role as the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He lost the title after agreeing to help the Seely Queen. He's now allowed to see clients again.

Alec is offered a new role in Idris. If he accepts it, he will have to move to the capitol, but that would mean Magnus couldn't move there.

Izzy is the new weapons master at the New York Institute. She helps Clary choose her signature weapon: dual kin duals. Izzy becomes suspicious of Clary when she asks her about wanting a wish.

Jace has nightmares of Sebastian and accidentally killing Clary.

Nurse Tim kills his wife by slicing her throat. He leaves her on the street in the rain.

Simon performs a song for the Seely Court. He is brought to the Wonder Woods to complete his task for the Seely Queen. They perform a ritual on Simon by branding him with a mark; only a Daylighter would survive it.

Clary and Jace practice weapon fighting at the Institute. Jace accidentally slices Clary and it triggers his nightmares.

Tim visits a chapel where the mysterious woman waits for him. She slices his throat with her nail and allows his blood to spill over the alter.

Alec, Jace and Izzy visit the hospital to ask Katarina, a friend of Magnus, about Tim. She spills that Magnus is heartbroken over losing the title of High Warlock.

 Raphael asks Magnus for a tranquilizer to help sleep. His sister Rose isn't well and he needs something to calm the nerves.

Isabelle flirts with a hunky doctor, Charlie.

Luke reveals that Clary's swords originally came from her mother and father. Holly calls Luke and tries to apprehend Tim; he bursts into a market to run away.

Holly shoots at Tim, but the bullets do nothing. A wolf saves Holly in time and fights Tim; he merely throws the wolf across the room. Clary stabs Tim, but the blades don't work.

A bug hatches from Tim's skin and flies around. Clary kills the bug demon with her sun rune; the woman yells out in pain.

The Seely Queen frees Simon.

Luke tells Holly that the legends are true and that he is a werewolf.

Simon tells Maia the truth about being with the Seely Queen.

Alec confronts Magnus about him lying about being replaced. The two make peace over the truth. Magnus doesn't want Alec to accept the position; Alec is going to turn down the position.

Raphael, in reality, is using the tranquilizer to hold someone in a basement.

Clary and Jace cuddle in his room.

The woman meets with the demon from earlier. She instructs him to bring back the 33 other disciples into the fold.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Simon: What are you planning on doing to me?
Seely Queen: Relax.
Simon: Come on. You guys really had to tie me up to vines again? Bad memories.
Seely Queen: It is this way, so that you don’t reflexively squirm.
Meliorn: It is ready, my lady.
Simon: Why are you going to hurt me? I’ve done everything you’ve asked, I’m a good guy...I sang you a song about nature!
Seely Queen: Don’t not fret. The hurt will be over before you know it.
Simon: So, this is it? This is the end? This is the end?!
Seely Queen: Proceed.
[Seely spins around the sticks]
Simon: What is that? What are you doing?!
[Simon screams in pain as the rune is applied]

Luke: You know, I’m proud of you, Kiddo. It’s not every day you get an angelic rune. Pick your weapons yet?
Clary: Yeah.
[She shows the first blade]
Clary: What is it?
Luke: That was your father’s dagger.
Clary: What?!
Luke: You didn’t know?
Clary: I didn’t know. I had no idea.
[She shows the second dagger]
Clary: I choose this one too.
Luke: You don’t choose the blades. The blades choose you. That one was Jocelyn’s.
Clary: What?
Luke: They’re both part of you, Kiddo. The light and the dark, whether you like it or not.