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In a dream sequence, Magnus and Alec have breakfast and dance together.

Back in the present, Magnus isn't breathing, and Alec calls for help and begs him to hold on. 

Clary tells Jace the Silent Brothers couldn't help her, and they need Lilith to get rid of the rune. 

Alec stays by Magnus' bedside. He blames himself and Lorenzo for Magnus' condition, but Lorenzo is their only hope. 

Clary lashes out at Simon due to her rune. 

Clary, Simon, Jace, and Isabelle plan to summon Lilith and use the Mark of Cain to trap her.

Alec goes to Lorenzo's and begs him to save Magnus. 

Jonathan goes to the Seelie Queen and offers to kill Lilith in exchange for the Morgenstern Sword. 

Simon and Isabelle go to the tunnels to look for Cain and pinky promise to stay single for life. 

Magnus wakes up but refuses to stop using his magic.

Jonathan goes to visit Lilith in Edom, but she is pulled away before he can kill her.

Clary, Jace, Simon, and Izzy try to interrogate Lilith, but Jonathan shows up and derails them and Cain sets Lilith free. 

The Praetor comes to visit Luke in jail and they tell him he now reports to them.

Clary uses a rune to transport Jonathan to the Institute where he is restrained. 

Alec asks Maryse for the family ring so he can propose to Maguns. 


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