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A woman is attacked by the demon owl monster, but she pepper sprays him and escapes.

Jonathan surprises Jace while looking at the surveillance footage. He tries to stab Jace, but makes a run for it when Clary appears. Clary thinks that Jace needs to rest.

The owl demon has caused the deaths of 7 Mundanes. Jace thinks the demon is Jonathan.

Simon's magical reaction caused one of the wolves to be hurt. He thinks he should chat with the Seely Queen to find out what happened.

Luke wants to find out more about Simon's powers before he makes a decision about what to do.

Alec and Izzy get a message that Maryse will be dropping by for a visit. Magnus offers his place so that they can have a family dinner. Izzy makes Magnus attend.

Raphael takes Rose out for a walk and tells her stories about her past. Raphael explains their last goodbye and he starts crying.

The woman in the basement is Heidi. She wants to meet her sire, but Raphael won't let her. He gives her more of the tranquilizer to subdue her.

Clary does research for Simon's mark, but she can't find anything. She thinks a vampire would be the best to help.

Jace tells Clary about his dreams about Jonathan.

Rosa, Raphael's sister, passes away; Izzy offers to go to the funeral. He is nearly overcome with the urge to bite her.

Ollie reviews the case file with Luke. She reveals that she told her partner, Sam.

Clary confides in Izzy about Jace's dreams. She joins Clary in searching for the truth about the owl demon.

Alec worries over the dinner with his mother. Magnus fixes his dish with magic. Maryse is surprisingly in a great mood when she arrives.

Raphael gets mad and tries to hit Simon, but the rune forces him back.

Maryse reveals that the Clave reinvestigated all the former Circle members after Malakai's betrayal. Maryse will have her runes removed and she'll be banished from Alicante. Her past with Valentine was bloody and involved recruiting.

Izzy, Jace, Clary, Luke and Ollie follow Morgan (the victim at the beginning) to a club. Ollie reassures Luke that she can handle the Shadow World. Dr. Charlie asks Izzy for her number.

Simon jumps into the river to enter the Seely realm, but it doesn't work.

Jace follows Jonathan to the back of the club. They battle swords, but Jonathan disappears again.

Morgan goes missing; Izzy and Clary find her in an alley being infected by the owl demon.

Maryse finds peace with Magnus and offers acceptance for his relationship with Alec.

Luke tells Simon that he will need to leave the boatyard.

Raphael returns to the hotel to find Heidi has escaped.

Morgan is placed inside a cage after being caught.

Jace is revealed to be the owl demon. He returns back to the chapel to witness Lilith slit the throat of other acolytes. The blood is revealed to drip from the alter down to Jonathan's dead body.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Maia: There are worse things than being locked out of the Seely realm...and being drenched. We’re going to figure this out.
Simon: You’ve already done so much.
Maia: Simon! I care about you, so until you tell me to back off, I’m going to be right here wringing out your jacket. Got it?
Simon: Okay.
Maia: Let’s get you some dry clothes, warm blood, and a shower.
Simon: What about the mark?
[She touches his shoulder]
Maia: Just try not to piss anyone off and we’ll deal with it in the morning.

Jonathan: Awfully confident, aren’t you? Coming after me all alone.
[The two fight swords]
Jace: Why Morgan? What are you doing with these Mundanes?
Jonathan: You never could beat me in a fair fight, could you?
Jace: Looks like we’re about to find out.
Jonathan: Ahhh, there it is, the famous Morgenstern swagger. Is it Wayland? Herondale? Lightwood? It’s hard to keep track of exactly who you are, isn’t it?
[Jonathan hits Jace]
Jonathan: We are much more alike than you think, you and I.
Jace: I’m nothing like you.
Jonathan: You are exactly like me. Except, of course, I’m stronger. Spend enough time in Edom, it has a way of...toughening you up.
Jace: I look forward to sending you back.