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- Tony is tailing Steve.

- Frank's worker's compensation runs out, leading him on a job hunt for jobs where you can get injured easily.

- Karen is having a meltdown over her humiliation at the purity ball.

- Lip and Ian visit Grammy Gallagher to get information on Frank's brothers, so they can find Ian's real dad.

- Tony catches Steve, beats him up and gives him an ultimatum.

- Frank shoots a nail gun through his hand.

- Fiona makes a new friend.

- Lip and Ian get busted with a stolen car.

- Karen takes advantage of a drugged out Frank and films it.

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Shameless Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Snob Mob: It must be nice not to own a house and have to worry about this stuff.
Fiona: Yeah, it gives me more time to buy drugs and fence stolen goods.

Wanna see me make a Mangina?