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On this episode of Shameless:

- Steve and Fiona are having sex when the power goes out because Fiona forgot to pay the bill..

- Carl is in trouble at school for bullying other kids. The school demands to meet with a parent or they will call child services.

- Frank’s owes two scary guys $6 thousand or a new car.

- When the guys show up at Sheila’s place, Karen only agrees to help him if he poses as her parent for parent teacher conferences.

- Steve saves the day at parent teacher conferences by finding the principal’s weakness: weed.

- The Gallaghers see Frank at school with Karen, after he refused to take Carl and are obviously disappointed.

- Lip gets caught taking the SATs by a professor for University of Chicago.

- Sheila has interactive therapy to try and help her face her phobias.

- Carl busts up the knee of a guy who was threatening Lip.

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Shameless Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Keep laughing, or I will slit your throat in your sleep.


Brush your teeth, I wanna play.