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The Gallaghers are trying to make the wedding go off without a hitch. 

But Terry is out for blood and blows up the wedding venue. 

Debbie and Lip lie that that Debbie is getting married to the owner of a Polish bar and Debbie distracts the woman while Ian and Mickey get married. 

The wedding happens and everyone is happy. 

Liam steals the keys to the rolls royce from Frank and uses it has a "just married" car for them. Frank has sex with the Polish woman. 

Kevin proposes to V and she says yes without a second thought. 

Lip tried to get through to Tami, but she couldn't understand why he would lie to her. 

She said she was moving with Fred, whether he liked it or not. Lip went back on the drink and Tami gave in and moved into the house with him. 

Julia showed up at the Gallagher house and Sandy punched her. Julia told Claudia Debbie was going down on her so the cops showed up to arrest her for statutory rape. 

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Shameless Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Carl: Take your meds yet?
Ian: Yep.
Carl: Going to be a stressful day.
Ian: Got it.

Liam: Mickey's the bride?
Ian: Nope, groom.
Liam: So, you're the bride.
Ian: No, also a groom.
Liam: Who's wearing the white tux?
Ian: Mickey.

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