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The family finds Frank and assume he's dying.

They leave him and go on with their lives. He ultimately does wake up, but he leaves the house.

Liam goes on a mission to find him.

Frank goes to the church and tries to light the candles. He's sent to the hospital where he slowly starts to die.

The hospital goes through his files to try find an emergency contact.

Kev and V throw a party for the end of times as they prepare to move away to Kentucky.

It is later revealed that Mickey planned an anniversary party for Ian and Mickey.

As everyone parties the night away, Frank slips in and out of consciousness, seeing the rest of the family.

His letter is never read out, but it harkens back to the series premiere when he introduced his family.

Frank dies and goes to heaven as he reads out the letter. He basically told everyone he hates them.

The final scene finds him being cremated and because of the alcohol in his system, the oven blows up.

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Shameless Season 11 Episode 12 Quotes

I'm not gonna ask your forgiveness because you bunch didn't do s--- for me, so let's just call it a draw. I know some of ya think ya hate my guts, and truth be told I never liked any of you much either. But we're all Gallaghers. My only advice is to stop worrying so damn much. You're supposed to ask people on their death bed if they wish they'd worked more or spent more time with their family. [Laughs] Me, hell, I wish I'd partied more. Nobody ever said our neighborhood was the Garden of Eden but it's been a good home to us, to me, and you kids. I'm proud of all of you, because every single one of you reminds me a little bit of me, Lip, you're smart as a whip, you just can't seem to get out of your own way. You'll figure it out. Ian, industrious, incredible work ethic, not a clue where you got that from — got the mental illness from your mother. The only way I can understand how you ended up marrying a Milkovich. Carl, I never could figure you out. Can't believe you betrayed the family and became a cop. I'm hoping you're already on the take. Debbie, you remind me of your mother, and not in a good way. Good luck in life, you're gonna need it. Liam, you're the apple of my eye, you handsome devil. Everybody says you look just like me. Oh, Kev, Veronica, you're overrated as friends, always sticking your noses in my family's business where they don't belong. You're moving, I say good riddance. And me, Frank Gallagher, father, teacher, mentor, captain of our little ship. People say you can't drink your troubles away, I say you're just not drinking enough. I guess that's it. Not much left to say really. Except, time's precious, don't f---ing waste it. Have a good time. I sure as hell did.


Oh, we're getting pizza. Fuck yeah.