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Kev and Frank try to get rid of the Milkoviches when they become the next door neighbors of the Gallaghers. 

Frank realizes they have been manipulating a 90 year old woman to take over her house, but after some digging, they realize that she likes it. 

Tammy takes Lip to meet her old music teacher, and it turns out they were sleeping together when she was his student. 

Lip says it's wrong, but Tammy doesn't think so, saying it was a unique thing. Her mindset changes when we learn that he's dating another teenager today. 

V and Debbie go to war at a pageant, hurling insults at one another and getting ready to fight because they want to win. 

In the end, neither of them win, and they make up. 

Carl is furious when his boss ridicules a transgender woman and he sets out to make things right before it's too late. 

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Shameless Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

Back the fuck away from the car.

V: She isn't even allowed to be here.
Debbie: V, don't do this.
V: She's on a sex offenders register.