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Debbie is still refusing to sell the house and Lip reacts by trying to trash it.

Debbie boards up the windows to make it less appealing and Lip reacts by taking it all apart.

She then goes to get tested after sleeping with the man in the gay bar because she is worried she has contracted Aids. Yes, really.

She also entertains the possibility of telling the police she slept with Lip to get him arrested.

Meanwhile, V is in Kentucky trying to get her mother to realize the South Side is where she should be.

But things take a turn when the girls go missing and Kev is left to pick up the pieces.

Frank organizes a heist to steal art but he realizes all the people he worked with are either dead or in care homes.

Somehow, he manages to pull off the mission and has the art.

Mickey learns that his father killed his girlfriend's dad when he wouldn't allow her to marry him.

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Shameless Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

I slept with a gay dude. I probably have aids right now.


I'm reassembling the old team for one last heist.