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Frank wakes up in a park with no recollection of the night before. He goes to inquire about his insurance money and finds out he was granted over $100,000.00. When he goes to withdraw the money from the bank, he discovers that he already withdrew the money the previous day.

Frank tries to retrace his steps and finds out they bought a Porsche, bought rounds of drinks at the Alibi, gambled and rented a hotel room with prostitutes and bought prosthetic limbs for homeless children. After realizing that he squandered all of the money, he is then forced to give up the Porsche after he learns he struck a man with it. 

Fiona and Gus continue to see one another and she admits that she is very happy with him. After Gus tells her he's falling in love with her, Fiona reveals that she is also falling for him. Gus proposes to Fiona and she accepts. The two get married at city hall. 

Debbie runs into her old friends who make fun of her for raping Matty at her party. Debbie punches one of them in the face and gets into a fight before a stranger helps her. She notices he ‚Äčis wearing a gym shirt and she shows up at his gym to learn how to fight. 

Lip travels to Miami to visit Amanda and her family and bonds with her father.

After luggage is mistakenly brought to Mickey's house from the airport, Ian begins going to the airport and stealing lost luggage. This alarms Mickey as Ian begins to be obsessed with it. 

When Kev bails on date night, V and Fiona go to a club where some frisky dancing with a man causes V to have an orgasm. 


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Shameless Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Amanda: And my dad? Well, you know my dad.
Lip: Oh yeah, he want his ten grand back?

Carl [to Gus]: Boyfriend of girlfriend? Or just fuck buddies?
Fiona: Welcome to my family.