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Fiona and Gus talk about telling her family they're married, while also discussing where they will live. Fiona decides to tell the family at a big dinner that evening.

At the family dinner, Fiona gets a call from Sean that her co-worker Jackie never showed up for her court hearing. When they get to Jackie's apartment, they discover Jackie has overdosed.

Although Jackie ends up being okay, the situation scares Fiona and she discusses her fears to Gus and the two decide although they don't know what is going to happen they're willing to find out. Not long after Jimmy/Steve shows up at the diner.

Ian and Mickey are having money troubles. At work, Ian gets a money offer from a stranger and ends up making a pornographic movie for extra cash. When he tells Mickey, he is very upset and he tells him they are taking him to a hospital. Ian agrees but then flees the home with Evgeni instead. 

Needing somewhere to stay, Frank goes to the home of Wade and Laura, whose son David gave Frank his liver. Wade sees David in Frank and even asks him to call him Dad. Meanwhile, Laura comes on to Frank and the two sleep together. 

Lip decides to go back to school early after a botched vandalism attempt with Mickey. 

V tells Kev he can cheat on her since she cheated on. After going through with it, V is upset and the two have another argument. 

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Still don't want your family to know? Nothing says no regrets like hiding it from those you love.

Sean [to Fiona]

Gallagher's don't do announcements at dinner. We do blackouts, suicide attempts, but never blackouts.