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Sheila continues to ask Frank to sell the house and see the country, but Frank is still disinterested and more into selling his milk of the gods brew. Eventually, Frank convinces Sheila to renew their vows and she decides not to buy the RV and leave. 

Frank sets Sami up on a date in exchange for brewery equipment and when she finds out she goes ballistic. The ensuing fights causes Frank to lash out at both Sami and Sheila. While they're arguing outside, the house explodes. Sheila then takes the RV and leaves the city.

Kenyatta informs Mandy they are moving to Indiana and Ian asks Lip to talk to her. While hooking up, Lip tells Mandy how wonderful she is and she tells him he loves her. The next day Lip goes to see her but Mandy has already left.

Debbie throws a party with Franks beer. Matty gets very drunk and while passed out, the two have sex. Later, Matty accuses Debbie of raping him. 

Frank enlists Carl's help in ridding the neighborhood of the lesbians he believes are taking over.

The rub and tug gets closed down and V decides to open a place for women to breastfeed, so they can sell the milk for profit.

Liam asks Fiona on a date to see a jazz concert. When she arrives, his live in girlfriend shows up. Fiona pretends to be with his friend Gus and she and Gus later hook up. 

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Strongest beer known to man. It's also good for cleaning toilets and sinks or degreasing auto parts. Makes a nice anti-bacterial for minor wounds. You should get some for the bar.


Lip: You are gorgeous, okay? You are sweet. You are funny. You're very smart. You know that, right?
Mandy: Shut up.
Lip: Hey, hey, I mean it, okay? You're a good person Mandy.